Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Suffolk Puff Cushion

Here, is the completed Suffolk Puff Cushion. Lots of embroidery, beading and sparkles. 
Its in the blues and greens I just love.
The back is quilted with random curves.
I think I will make several little cushions to explore techniques.
See how to make The Suffolk Puff and an article I have written 
about them on a previous post. 
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Suffolk Puffs or Yo Yo's?

I am teaching several different classes and at Creative Textiles we are making Circles and Curves over the next couple of weeks, in traditional and contemporary ways. Here, in a traditional patchwork form   is a sample of Suffolk Puffs.  It is the start of a small decorative cushion. I used a Clover Suffolk Maker which made the making of the Yo Yo's really fun and I have written another article for 'So Crafty' Magazine about making Suffolk Puffs and Yo Yo's.
See the article HERE
or click on the contents below,

  1. Clover Yo-Yo Maker
  2. Yo Yo Makers Demo - You Tube click to see video
  3. Clover Round Large Yo-Yo Maker
  4. Handmade Suffolk Puffs or Yo Yo's
  5. Suffolk Puffs or Yo Yo the Traditional Way click to see video
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Friday, 18 January 2013

Wall Bag

I have been finishing off a bag that was made from a kit by 'Batik n Beads'. It hangs on the wall and is very ethnic in inspiration. The bag is a slashed fabric technique, Mock Chenille as we call it. Several layers of fabric are put together and stitched a quarter of an inch apart and then this is cut in between the stitch lines so that the base layer is revealed. You have to be very careful not to cut through to the base layer.
I used an Olfa Chenille Cutter and wrote a review article for a So Crafty magazine. Read the article and buy your own cutter HERE.

  1. Instructions for Making Chenille Fabric
  2. My Recommendation To Buy On Amazon
  3. Olfa Chenille Cutter click to see video
  4. Chenille Wall Bag using Olfa Chenille Cu...
  5. Additional Reading
  6. Chenille Book To Buy

The square is then hemmed with bias binding and folded together to form a bag. Beads and embellishments are then stitched to the bottom corners and a loop hanging for the top.
Visit Batik n Beads HERE

Textile Thursday

The first Textile Thursday for the year took place at The Art Room and there were a lot of 'Show and Tell'. The Christmas Runners and place mats were beautiful. A skull and cross bone quilt is on its way to be piecing.  I  have a new PA for Thursdays, Caroline, helping with bookings and organising which is really fantastic and she gets me sorted out even more!
Textile Thursday is at 1A Rash's Green, Toftwood. Dereham.

Brenda's Photo Quilt

I promised Brenda I would put her wonderful Photo Quilt that she made for her Grand Daughter on my blog so she could share it with friends. She made a Sampler Block Quilt and in between she put a photograph of her Grand Daughter in all different stages of her life. It is truly beautiful and also contains laughter, fun and secrets! She gave it at Christmas and her Grand Daughter is over joyed it stayed downstairs so everyone who visited could see and share. Wonderful!

Textile Evening Class

The first Evening Class at The Art Room took place on Wednesday Night and it was very productive and everyone felt glad to be back after Christmas. Ann is finishing her Kitchen Runner, a lovely sunny piece, shown at the top. Heather Ann had finished two bags. I showed the last evening class how to make them and she went into production and they have proved very useful. I saw the video on Crafty Gemini and adapted the pattern slightly. As you can see by the photos there were quilts in production too! UFO's that had surfaced for re-looking at and continuing.
Textile Evening Classes at The Art Room are on the first Wednesday evening of most months of the year. Contact me for details.

City and Guilds Textiles Continues

City and Guilds Creative Textiles started again for the new year and
everyone was ready to start creating their own projects.
I have been teaching at least 3 techniques each session and everyone
has done some sampling in class to see which techniques
 they really like. 
A lot of the techniques we do some have never tried or they have always wondered how it is done so City and Guilds are the ideal way of experiencing this.
There are lots of changes within the City and Guilds set up at the moment and as a Tutor
I see them as very positive, bringing education right up to date and in the work place or real world as I call it. There are also students who just want to learn the techniques for themselves.
I will be continuing Levels One Two and Three in Creative Textiles, Machine Embroidery and Patchwork and Quilting in September 2013. If you are interested in City and Guilds visit their website or contact myself for more information. 
See an article of previous students by clicking on my portfolio website Art 2 Inspire

Classes at The Art Room

New Year New Venue at The Art Room Dereham.
Here you can see the first 'Textile Tuesday' for 2013 at The Art Room.
It was electric there was so much 'Show and Tell', lovely Christmas presents
and photographs being shared. This is what it is all about.
Not a lot of making by some but lots of pattern making and working out
and how to finish or make new things.

The Art Room is at
1A Rash's Green
If you would like more information contact me for details.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.
There are lots of changes of venues for classes this year so visit the workshop page for the news and dates.
Visit my Art2Inspire website for the new post of the year.