Saturday, 5 June 2010

Purple Sketchbook

I have enjoyed making this sketchbook cover.
Using a different colours and textures
to mix in with the purple was really fun.
This sketchbook will be for sale
@ The Gallery Dereham.
See more of my embellished work and sketchbooks at

Purple Embellished Detail

There were so many areas of interest in the
purple embellished textile
but I liked this one due to the movement of stitches.
I used many different types of fabrics to get thedifferent
I have used various machine stitches as details,
over the top of the embellished felted fabrics.
See more embellishments on my website

Purple Embellishment Textile

I have been working on some more embellished textiles.

This purple one will be made up into a sketchbook cover.

See more embellished work on my website.

Jenn Practising Poi

It was such a lovely Friday afternoon
Jenn practised some Poi.
Practising some new moves.
She is still wanting fire poi but
I draw the line at that,here at at Quilters Cottage
at the moment.
She'll have to enjoy ribbon and stick poi
and leave the fire poi to the demonstation events!
I think she takes after the firemen in the family!!!