Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Jeannie's Embellishment

Jeannie really enjoyed her morning Embellisher session and I love the texture she has embellished in her piece. I think we will see more of Jeannie's work!
Carol is really doing well cutting out all her pieces for her Quillo. Next week, hopefully a photo of the blocks being pieced together.
I am also making a Quillo in passionate reds, for The Gallery sales area. I've pieced the front so just need to sandwhich the layers together and quilt. I'll post a photo tomorrow.

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Gallery Day 16th of March

Jeannie had a taster session today on the Embellisher.
Jeannie is another Gallery artist and she is making wizard puppets with the Saturday Splat Art Club.

March Coven Quilters

Last night was another wonderful evening with the girls.Sharing,looking, talking and laughing. Kate is working on a large bed quilt for her son, in Persian Rug colours and pattern and needed encouragement which way to go with all the blocks she had made.
Here in this picture Bessy, (Kate's cat) decided that Jane's blocks were certainly comfortable but needed some re-arranging. We're refering to a quilting book on how it could be put together.
We all had news to share and lots of show and tell.
I just made it in before Cinderella!