Thursday, 4 August 2011

Floral Felted and Embellished Cards

Floral Felted and Embellished Sketchbook

I always try and make a sketchbook cover in
embellished felt when I am making a new
colour range of felt.
This is made with floral scarves and muted wools.
Very pale and interesting!
See more of my embellishing on my website

Purple Felted and Embellished Cards

Blue Felted and Embellished Cards

Another favourite colour of mine and this started my
love of using the Embellishing Machine off.
See my "Blue Moon" and more of my embellish pieces
My 'Blue Moon", embellished piece then became the
picture for my business card.

Red Felted and Embellished Cards

Assome of you know I love the colour red and I am
drawn back to it when I make cards.
These ones are all felted and embellished.
Then beads and machine and hand embroidery are added
I have needed to build up my collection of cards for the
exhibitions and events I have to attend this Summer.
See more of my red embellishments on
my website