Saturday, 19 March 2011


On Wednesday morning I went to The Gallery and
did Scrapbooking .
I have done scrapbooking a few times before but
thought I had better put it on project status.
If you don't set a time and a place to do somethings
then it never gets done!
I had been meaning to archive Jennifer's summer
trips and stays with Grandma and Grand Dad
and had never got round to it, so this is my chance.
Kim a tutor at The Gallery has been doing
card making classes and was starting
once a month scrapbooking.
We we started last month.
Kim is a Memory Craft representative too,
so she has all the papers,cutters, trimmings and wonderful
gadgets to use and play with and you can buy.
This is so good because you can see whether you really like
a piece of equipment and will enjoy using it.
Above are a few of the pages I have done.
The "2000" photos (see what I mean, need to get things done!)
I learnt to use a frame cutters and circle punches in different ways.
Thank you Kim and the other ladies for a great morning.
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