Saturday, 8 October 2011

Christening Quilt

On Friday the 30th I cut out the pieces for a
Christening Quilt for Jennifer's God Mother's
Daughter, Nicole.
We are going to the Christening with the family in a few weeks time.
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Thursday 29th September at Knit Wits Quilt Day

At Knit Wits of Dereham on the 29th it was
Quilt Making Day for beginners and experts alike.
Everyone had their ideas for their quilts and finishing
ones off.
Above top, the pink squares and triangles were made
into blocks out of scraps left over from making banners.
Janice finished putting the borders on her silk quilt.
It's now ready for backing and quilting.
Thank you to Janice too, for re-stringing my pearls!
I immediately put them on, lovely!
Helen started the Bishops Tile Wall Hanging above
and as you can see people are also
bringing in the book covers which they have made.
I have taught for a complete month at
Knit Wits, it has gone so quickly and I have met some amazing
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Yvonne Brown's Talk at Alveva Quilters September Meeting

We were lucky at the September Alveva Meeting as we
had Yvonne Brown gives us a talk on her
trip to New Zealand for the Quilt Symposium.
She was one of the Tutors at the event.
Yvonne was the originator of
Alveva Quilters and is also our President.
She has contributed so much to
Patchwork and Quilting.
She showed us slides of her trip and showed
us some of her new work including a commission piece
based on the Sutton Hoo Helmet.
Yvonne had also brought along
several copies of her book,
'Tex-tiles and other Treasure:
Using Medieval Tiles and Stonework'.
I brought a copy and she kindly signed it
for me!
I highly recommend it if you want to
experiment with heat and soldering techniques.
Thank you Yvonne for a lovely talk,
so inspirational.
You can buy her book and see
more of Yvonne's work on her

Alveva Quilters Show and Tell September 2011

We met for Alveva Quilters a week later than normal
because of our Speaker for the month.
There were lots of show and tell,
the top was Liz's Round Robin that she had completed with
Castle Quilters. I love blues and the square and triangles.
Sue has had to put quilting on the back burner for the
last year due to shoulder, neck and back pain.
She has had to have several ops and constant
physio so it was lovely to see all her
Sow and Tells she had made over the Summer.
From the Wall Hanging she won,
Members Choice at The Garden Party
and a Heart Quilt.
She had lovely stories to share with
her crochet and her knitting for the babies
in the family.
The meeting was a lovely catch up aswell as
meeting new quilters.
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Visitor to the Wednesday Card Making Class

While we were starting to make our cards, Helen
one of my new Students walked in and thought it
was 'Textile Tuesday'. We all had a giggle as we
have all mislaid days at some time or another.
Anyway, she stopped for a cup of tea, chat and showed us
the quilt she is working on, a
Block of the Month called,
'Patchwork Shop'.
The Blocks are a mixture of patchwork, applique and
embroidery. Helen's blocks were beautiful.
She also showed us her finished
Embellished Needlecase she started making the week
before @ The Gallery, 'Textile Tuesday'. It looks great,
Well done! Helen.
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Card Making Wednesday 28th September 2011

Wednesday was card making with Kim Crop.
She gave us the challenge of making cards for men!
It's harder than you think because there are only
so many themes that are appropriate.
I chose to make a card with a decoupage sailing ship.
I used lots of layering of stamping and papers.
I even decorated the envelope this time!
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