Friday, 9 April 2010

Learned Angel

We can learn so much in one day.
I learnt alot today about my daughters patience and caring nature.
I do believe there is an Angel in all of us.
What or who is your angel?
Thank you Jennifer and Regina for such a lovely day.

Greyfriars Angel

We went into Kings Lynn to do some photographs around the public.
This was beside the Greyfriars Tower.
Jenn walked around, behind people sat with them, chatted, crossed the road! and texted friends!
A very busy Angel indeed!
See more of Jenn on her blog

Happy Angel

Jenn is so patient and so beautiful as an angel. I love this photograph.

Blue Angel

Jenn wore this dress to her Six Form Prom a few years ago, it made this group of photos very contemporary.

Angel Photoshoot

I took Jenn for a photoshoot with Regina a Fine Art student today.
Jenn really looked the part!

Brightlingsea Visit

Thursday I drove the 200 mile round trip to pick Jenn up from her holiday with Grandma and Grandad. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, swans were bathing at Manningtree, the lambs were jumping around and the flowers were amazing.
This is the Brightlingsea sign. Brightlingsea has won many prizes for their floral displays.
Jenn had really enjoyed her stay but had caught a cold!
We chatted all the way home.