Thursday, 7 January 2010

Background Before and After

Thought you would like to see the before and after pictures. It is now ready for embellishment with embroidery and bead work. I will post the finished piece when I've finished.

Background Machine Stitch Detail

This is a small section of the Background so far and as you can see I have machined gold circles around the purple swirls and added gold metallic stitching in other areas to give interest.

Background Machine Stitch 2

I freemotion machine stitched all over in another colour then over stitched swirls in tiny circles in the darker purple.

Background Continued.

I took the abstract painted background on Lutradur that I began at the beginning of the week and started freemotion machine stitching. First in straight and curvy lines then with another colour thread made stitches in swirly shapes.

Still Snowing

Its still snowing here in Norfolk. We've still got the extreme weather warning and it was -12 last night but look at this picture of part of our garden. The sky looks so clear and crisp. I've been naughty I haven't cleared any of our paths yet but have a bucket load of salt!