Sunday, 1 May 2011

Lavender Planting

Today Stewart and I tidied the front driveway and moved what seemed tons of gravel. The driveway needed a new protective membrane to stop the weeds!
I also planted on at least 70 of my Lavender plants into the next size pots. This was a lovely job to do in contrast to the gravel! The original plants came from Norfolk Lavender see their website at
I will plant out some, Mum will have some and the rest I will put on my stalls.
I just love this video of the harvesting of the lavender and look forward to more of that this year. They make it look so easy! I am not going to use shears anymore!
You can see all the process at Norfolk Lavender and they have their festival in July, a great day out!
Enjoy this video.

Studio Garden

This is Mum's garden and we were over there yesterday
helping with some re-modelling, laying paving stones, fixing fences,
putting up arches and wire netting for clematis, roses and
honeysuckle to grow up.
As you can see, she has a studio too! it is painted a very lovely yellow
and has patchwork curtains similar to the conservatory
ones I make. These ones are very french in their colouring though to
match the sunny studio.
This picture was taken through Mum's Kitchen window.
To see more of my garden visit