Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Flower Printing

Wednesday is card making with Kim
@The Gallery.
10 am until 12pm.
I love it because I become a student
and use tools and equipment in a totally different way.
Kim is a fantastic tutor and has a wonderful array of
stamps, techniques and card making materials.
Look at the flower stamps above,
they are by Exclusive Design.
Kim has collected an extensive collection
and shares it with us.
She shows us different techniques and then we
get on with our own combinations.
I often make card and paper designs and then
move onto mixed media and textile,
my comfort zone!
We are always wow'd by her combinations
and goodies.
See more of my card making by
clicking on the written labels below.

Pink Crazy Work Cushion

Brenda as you may know, has made a crazy work cushion
before and it has been admired by her family.
This one is for her Grand Daughter.
It's all sugary and 'pink'!
Just the quilting and putting together.
See more crazy patchwork by clicking
on the written labels below.

Egyptian Quillow

Just look at this wonderful quillow.
Carol is making it for her Grand Son.
He loves anything to do with Egypt and
It was admired by all who came into
the Gallery and snuggled by several members
of the group. It is definitely a comfy!!!
See more of my Quillows by clicking on the
blue and green one on the right of this post.

Gallery Day 21st June 2011

Pat is making this mixed media textile wallhanging,
on the right and has been doing other projects in between.
Often new techniques and how to progress takes a little
time and then the next stage evolves and comes to light.
The trees are now applied and the backing and
finishing stitches are nearly there.
It is a beautiful one of a kind and
I haven't seen anything like it before.
It is amazing.
Well done Pat!
The piece above is a confetti textile,
stitches and embellishments
underneath a light gauze and then more
mixed media on top.
I love to see these layering textiles.
See more mixed media textiles on my website