Thursday, 30 September 2010

Back of the LIKE cushion

My LIKE products will be
launching on

My Like Cushion

My 'Like' cushion is made of Denim.
This is the 'LIKE Facebook'range.
See details and launch shortly on


When I got home I needed a cup of tea and sat in
the conservatory with the door open as the weather
was sunny again.
Look who came in the door!
A very fluffy caterpillar!
I must start learning which ones are to which
butterfly or moth.

Like Cushion @

This is the back of the 'Like' cushions.
Each one is unique but is a set design.
Underneath the @ logo I can put the website or location required.
Each cushion is copywrited and so are the designs for the other
LIKE products.
They can be made in various colours, Denim and fleece.
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LIke Products

I am making and selling a range of 'Like' products.
This is the 'Like' cushion
Each cushion has the 'Like'
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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Kates Quilt

Well back to creating and quilting.
Look at Kate's quilt.
She has finished the top and isn't it stunning.
I showed you images earlier in the year.
This quilt is for her son.
We think we need a layering meeting to sandwich the
top wadding and backing together at my studio
as the quilt is almost as big as Kate's sitting room.
The pattern is based on Persian carpets.
Well done Kate!
We all agreed when finished it needs to go in Exhibition!

Opening Birthday parcels

I did feel a lucky girl.
Scarves,wine,chocolates,a hungry Caterpillar egg cup,
fabric covered notebook, biscuits from Cornwall, materials and glitzy bits.
Thank you so much Coven Girls, we are such a lucky group
of friends.

Coven Quilters

We had a lovely catch up chat and show and tell.
Then Kate surprised me with a Birthday cake as it
was my Birthday month. We seem to be lucky at Coven
and have a Birthday in the group nearly every month.
I think the expression says it all,
"is this really mine, all mine!"

Carol and Sun Bonnet Sue

Carol and I had a quiet afternoon at The Gallery quilting.
Here you can see her attaching the bias binding stems
to her Sun Bonnet Sue Wallhanging.
See more Wallhangings on my website

gallery Day 28th September 2010

Busy morning doing lots of different media.
Jeanette is a new lady to the Tuesday mornings
and enjoyed having her embellishment taster session.
She more embellishments on my website

Shelby at The Gallery

Oh! look who's made themselves comfortable at The Gallery?
Shelby, is the new Gallery Dog and she is so gentle and smart.
It looks like she has smiled for the camera!
See more of what is going on at The Gallery at

Monday, 27 September 2010

Black Button Necklace

Again inspired by the Whitby visit
and the jet jewelry.
Stewart and I spent Sunday afternoon
in the caravan making a necklace similar
to the one Angie gave me.
Angie, Thank you so much.
These necklaces are not as easy to make as they look.
Lots of jewelry wire and knots in the right place!
See more of my brooches and portfolio at

Black Spiral Scarf

Inspired by Whitby and the black Jet Jewelry
I just had to knit a black version.
Very Gothic!!!

Gey Scarf Detail

I just love knitting with this!
see more of my knitting on

Knitted Grey Scarf

I promised myself I wouldn't take ant sewing on holiday
but I did take my knitting.
I have been knitting spiral scarves
recently and there are many downloaderble
patterns available on the internet.
We went into one of the old churches
which were converted into craft and antique emporiums
in the centre of Whitby and I found this
fantastic wool/net.
I had great fun in the evening knitting with it.
Visit 'Bobbins' to see more unusual wools

Whitby Art Cafe

We had a wonderful lunch out of the wind and rain at
The Art cafe.
The main exhibition to my delight
happened to be a textile artist
and she was in The Gallery.
Judith Reece is a peoples choice winner for Yorkshire,
and by the Exhibition you could see why.
You can see her work on the Art Cafe's website


When your staying by the coast you just have to walk
along the sea and beach comb, don't you!
The Yorkshire coast is Jurassic, so there
are many different types of fossil formations in the rocks
and pebbles. I took many photos, with the intention of
doing some future work of fossilised marine life.

Whitby Abbey through the Whale Bones

This is me on the other headland of Whitby Bay.
I had to hang on for all it was worth
as the North wind was so strong!
We visited the Museums and the
Jet workshops.
The jet jewelry is beautiful but the best pieces were
Victorian and in the Whitby Museum.

Whitby Abbey Ruin

I took so many photographs of
The Abbey as every corner was so interesting
not only because of the structure but the way
the stones have been eroded by the weather.
The history is fascinating

Walk up to Whitby Abbey

We travelled from Withernsea to Whitby,
a couple of hours journey
along the Yorkshire Coast.
This is Jenn and Sophie walking up to the Abbey
in a force nine gale!
Now remember the famous Abbey
is on the edge of a rocky headland of a Bay.
So going near the edge
to look at the view was an experience!
So atmospheric, you can see why
so many Gothic tales were written there,
including Bram Stoker's
Learn more about Whitby at
and The Dracula Experience


An Oasis Caravan on a very windy North Sea Coast!
Considering it was a two bedroom it was spacious
and had all what we needed.

Humber Bridge

Driving up to the Humber Bridge!
Sophie then informed us that she hated
bridges and was a little apprehensive!
Her Dad had told her that it was a big bridge!!
She now saw that it wasn't just big it was enormous!
Sophie then along with Jenn and myself took pictures and
sent them to her Dad.
We, by this time was on the bridge and Sophie was fine.
Throughout the holiday we crossed many a bridge
and of course they were easy because they were all small
in relation to The Humber crossing.
Well done Sophie for putting up with our banter
and dealing with a scary bridge issue.

Travels to Yorkshire

Last Friday the Clark Family and Jenn's friend Sophie
made our way up to Yorshire, well we were staying
at The Withernsea Holiday Park, which is technically
in East Riding and on the edge of Humberside!
An eventful journey as the sat navigation system was totally confused
when we had two diversions! long ones too!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Carol Working

Here is Carol working on her wallhanging
in the glorious sunshine.
The wallhanging is a Sun Bonnet Sue!
I am sure carol will let me show you when she has finished.
See more of my quilts on

Gallery Day 21st September 2010

Peter and I were in charge of The Gallery Today as
Judy and Haydn were still away.
Margaret wanted to do some mixed media collage
with papers, keeping within the colour range of whites, creams
coffee and gold. Lots of collecting had gone on before and she set
to, tearing folding,colouring,painting,stamping and BURNING!!
The soldering iron is wonderful for creating holes
and making scorching marks.
Just remember to have some water near by.
Have good ventilation and wear a mask.
Protect the surfaces,I use a ceramic tiles.
Have a tool to hold what you are wanting to make holes in.
She was able to have a very different morning.
See more Gallery days on this blog and visit

Monday, 20 September 2010

Megs Garden

This afternoon I went to see another textile graphic artist.
Meg Bowne.
She creates wonderful pictures out of textile and paper.
Some are stitched and incredibly detailed.
This one was made for Alveva's Garden Party Challenge.
Meg is going to display some of her pictures at
Alveva's Exhibition in October.
It is going to be a wonderful Textile Exhibition.
It was a lovely afternoon with Meg in her inspirational home.
She showed me her garage studio,
her garden studio for mosaic making
and her indoor creating space for storing her quilts,
textile art and jewelry making.
See more of the places I have visited this month for
inspiration on previous posts.

Animals and Red Quillo Front

This has been another fun quillo to make and quilt.
I have enjoyed using the colourful fabrics.
This quillo is for sale.
My quilts are all one of a kind and
machine washable.

Animal and Red Quillo Back

This is the back of the 'Animal and Red Quillo'.
The cushion has been pieced both sides.
The quillo's are one of a kind!
and it is for sale.

Animals and Red Quillo

I have just loved quilting these colourful animal quilts.
They have really made me smile :)
Here the quillo is ready
to fold into the colourfully pieced cushion section.
This too is ready for sale.
The quilts are all one of a kind and
machine washable.
See more of my quilts on my portfolio pages on

Animal Cot Quilt

Well, here is the Animal Cot quilt, quilted, finished
and ready for sale.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Pat's Cushion

Pat has been working on this cushion for a couple of weeks,
alongside her other projects.
The centre is embellished felt and then embroidered and embellished
some more and 'Treasures' added.
The work is so varied and I am really enjoying the creativity that
everyone is doing. I love Tuesdays!
Maureen had a taster session today at
The Gallery and made an embellished card.
She enjoyed her art session and is coming back next week to start
a quilt for her grandchild due in December.
Carol is making a Sun Bonnet Sue wallhanging
and cushion and Margaret embellished a bag strap
and is starting her Access to Art Course this week.
See more of what goes on at The Gallery

Pat's Box and Card

Pat started these last week at The Gallery and
finished them off at home.
These are exquisite pieces and they a
tribute to Pat's artistic skill putting and layering lots of
different media together.
See some of my mixed media work
on my portfolio pages on

Gallerry Day 14th September 2010

Another busy day creating at The Gallery
Lots of different medias too.
See most recent post for the 14th of September
to see what the artists are doing.
Visit The Gallery website to see what is going on

Animal Cot Quilt

Here I have used more of the Animal and Children's Favorites
in this cot quilt. They are 4" squares.
See more of my quilts at

Animal Quillo with Orange

Over the last couple weeks I have making quilts from singles
to quillo's and cot sized.
This one uses more of the animal squares with the orange
rectangles. It has the same orange fabric on the back.
See more of my quilts on my page
portfolio on

Birthday Card

I love my birthday cards and messages.
This one was made by Pat.
An artist that comes to Gallery Tuesday.
Just beautiful!
Thank you.

Birthday Cake

Look at my Birthday cake, that Jenn made.
She used my homemade blackcurrant jam too!
It tasted delicious!
The cheeky miss used sparkler type candles that re-light!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Cooking at Sandringham

Walking round and round is all very well.
Stewart and I sat in one of the many demonstration marques.
This one was The Country Kitchen.
With the TV chef Alan Coxon.
He combines cooking with history of the origins of ingredients.
Ray a member of the audience helped out
and did really well.
Spinning sugar and presenting.
Visit Alan's website for ideas and recipes
and a video

Traction Engines

I am inspired by so many things.
These traction engines remind you
of a more sedate time but also
marvel at their restoration and dedication of their owners.
This ring had had the horses and their carriages
just minutes before.

Stewart and the Hawk

As you go into the show, you can hear the noise of the commentators telling you
what is going on in the different rings
and the hum of steam engines and
This is Stewart stood next to one of the chainsaw
scuptures, amazing.
Stewart is 6ft 4"!

Barney The Owl

Stewart and I just love visiting all the different marques
with the different exhibits, crafts, birds and ferrets.
The birds go into the show ring and fly free.
Some were delightful because they really did fly and ignored their
handlers, coming back when they wanted to!
This owl loved his handler and cooed and flaped his wings
when she whispered to him.

Sandringham Country Show

A day at Sandringham Country Fair.
Wonderful so much to see and enjoy.

My Birthday

September the 11th is my birthday.
I got up early and went to the studio to play,
my time.
Jenn came in at 8am with a handful of cards, presents and
chocolate croisants and a mug of tea.
ooo I did feel loved!
This was a small selection and I now have a Meercat!
With the sun trying to shine we were off out for the day.
Than you to all who sent me lovely messages.
Special thoughts around the world this day too!

Norfolk Lavender

With finishing the top of the Seaside Single Quilt
I realised I hadn't got any backing fabric,
large enough or even vaguely nautical.
So how nice a trip to Hunstanton and
Sian's fabric shop. Twice in the same month
very unlike me. I normally go about once every three!
Well i found the backing and brought enough
wadding to make enough quilts for a whole exhibition.
On the way home we stopped into 'Norfolk Lavender'
for a cup of tea and a wander round,
it always smells wonderful.
The farm shop is such an inspiration for cooking.
have a look at their website
you can almost smell the lavender where ever you are in the world.

Wednesday Quilting

On Wednesday, I decided I needed a colour change from the bright
coloured Animal Quilt colection I have been making.
The inspiration came from my love of the sea.
Lots of sand and stripes!
This is a Single Quilt size.
The large squares are 11"
See more quilts I have made on my page portfolio on

Angie's Button Necklace

Angie dropped in on her lunch hour.
She normally comes along for some creative time,
but this lunch hour she was on a flying visit and
gave me a button necklace.
I had admired a button necklace she was wearing
and asked if she could make me a blue one.
Well, here it is.
Thank you Angie and I really love it.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Carol's Finished Quilt

Carol has really enjoyed learning Patchwork and Quilting
on a Tuesday @The Gallery.
This is a quilt made entirely of the scraps left over from her first quilt.
It's fantastic, the free machine quilting is so good!
Well done Carol!
See more of what happens at The Gallery

Gallery Day 7th September 2010

Lots of comings and goings @The Gallery as usual.
Pat and Margaret are both working on different mixed media.
Here Margaret is adding details to her page in an Altered Book inspired her her life.
Lots of painting, ripping papers and sticking and glueing.
See more of what goes on @ The Gallery at

More Art Tidies

There, six Art Tidies made, all hung round dinning table
ready to take to The Gallery.
I finished quilting the single animal quilt and the
red and black animal quillo too!
Put on the bias binding, just that to finish sewing on.
I'll show some pictures later of the finished quilts.
I hung them over a chair in the Gallery on Tuesday
and they got a lot of positive response.
See more of my quilts in my portfolio at

Art Tidies

These days I seem to be playing 'catch up' on alot of things
including updating my posts.
Well, on Monday I made another lot of 'Art Tidies'
for The Gallery as they had sold out.