Tuesday, 15 March 2011

1950's Remake

Pat was given a pair of appliqued and embroidered
1950's chair back covers and she decided
she would like to remake them into something so they
could be used and enjoyed.
So, Pat came up with the idea of cushions.
They were cut down to size and the linen used
to make the backs along with some pink
gingham trim for the cushion pad pocket.
Also piping added.
Here you can see one the right way round and
one inside out, ready to finish.
Well done Pat your
'Make Do and Mend",
turned out beautiful.
Cushions to be proud of.

Gallery Day 15th March 2011

Gallery Days start off nice and slow and by tea time at 11am!
sometimes later!
as it was this week it was really mixed media creating.
Thank you ladies, for being so patient,
for me to get round,
as nearly everyone was beginning new projects.
Thank you also to Pat for making the tea.
This is just the morning session.
There's an afternoon creating one too!
See more at what goes on @The Gallery.