Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Christmas Quillow

I have been working away on many different variations
of Christmas Quillos as orders have been coming in.
This one I am selling at The Gallery at the moment.
I just love it. I think it is one of my favourites, using my
usual recipe of cutting the squares and triangles.
I have free motioned quilted all over it.
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Gallery Day November 2010

Gallery Tuesdays are working away and here Ann a new
member is working out her square sizes for a quillow.
The fabric is lovely sugar rainbow colours and she
brought them in Woolmart when she visited America.
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Jennifer has Chosen!!!

After the taking down of Alveva Quilters Show
I ended up taking several quilts home for people who
couldn't collect them and Pat"s, Star Quilt was among them.
Jennifer had admired it at the show and all of a
sudden said,
"Mum that's the quilt I would like!"
Well! I had promised her a new quilt but she had to choose
one that has so many points and meeting joins on purpose!
So I asked Pat all about it.
It was a month by month quilt from Quilters Haven,
10! years ago and Pat has taken 10 years to do it.
At the next meeting of Alvevas,
Pat gave me what she had of the patterns and some of
idea of what fabrics to use.
The rest as we say is up to me!!!
We have agreed it should be for her 21st!!
Gilly was showing her minature quilts and
telling us about the Quilters Guild and blow me down
if she didn't have one too!
This quilt had taken her 8 years!!!
I think there is something more to come!
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Gallery Pictures

As you can see the stack is still glowing and
I have a stand of my quilts next to it.
We are moving round again shortly again for the
new work and the Christmas events.
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Gallery Move Round

I promised I would show you some of the Gallery @ Dereham,
after I had a good old move round.
I was able to inject my love of colour into different areas.
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