Friday, 24 August 2012

Mixed Media Tuesdays are just that, as you can see by the bag projects above they are all different and thats one of the reasons I love teaching a mixed media class textile because of the variety of things people can create and the many permeations that can come from the same pattern as students adapt the same pattern to make it their own. The chicken was made by Gill and has such attitude and exudes importance in the job he is doing looking after scraps and thread!
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More Texture Textiles

Textured Textile classes are continuing@ The Gallery on Mixed Media Tuesdays as everyone is enjoying the techniques. You can see by the photographs above the surfaces are getting more textured and interesting with additional techniques and stitching layered on top of one another. I love watching pieces start as blank fabric such as calico( which many of these pieces started as) and develop into wonderful works of art. 

Sewing Tidies and Sewing Machine Mat

When new students come to class they often see lots of 'Show and Tell' and what they thought they wanted to make immediately often changes. Two such new students came along and this is what happened to them too and so they wanted to make the sewing tidies above and then go onto the sewing machine mat to. As you can see they are really useful and fun items to have as part of your sewing kit.
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Princess Cushion

Thursday Patchwork and Quilting Class always has a lot of show and tell. The classes are very popular as students can make their own projects and as you can see Ann has made a start on a floor cushion for her granddaughter making her the feature! Beautiful! This is another successful item combining patchwork and photo transfer.
 The stripped patchwork and quilted runner was made by Ann's Mum, so you can see it is often a three generation class. The cushion has been finished and the Little Princess loves it.
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Textile Evening Class

I teach an evening class at Kitwits in Dereham once a month, usually the first Wednesday.
I show inspiration and patterns and students can have a try at these or do their own project. Mandy wanted to use the photo transfer of her new kitten on a quillo and this is nearing completion. I do regular photo transfer sessions so people can personalise their work and gifts.
I love seeing all the different projects come to life and the evening is really fun.
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We have been decorating fabrics of all different sorts and using many different techniques over the months and as I had had such an inspiring workshop at the weekend I took another lot of oil bars, pastels and Markel Sticks and fabric media into The Gallery for Textile Tuesday. Soon everyone was busy creating and covering their fabrics with colour and stitch. Jane brought in Ruth Issett's book about 'Paint Sticks' and we all enjoyed looking through the inspirational pages.
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