Saturday, 8 June 2013

Dragon Bookmark

Carol made a Dragon Bookmark for her Grandson from
the embossed and coloured metal.
Such a lovely dragons face!
See more about creating metals for textiles by 
clicking on the written labels below.

Textile Metal

We have had a couple of weeks embossing and stitching metal.
Everyone started with a drinks can but the results
are all different!
They are embossed with plastic plates through a Cuttle Bug or
by drawing with a ball point pen.
The metal is then coloured with Acrylic Inks, Staz On Ink Pads,
Glass Paint or Nail Varnish.
The metal is then cut out in so many different and applied with
the sewing machine using a variety of stitches to textiles.
Many made cards, brooches, bookmarks and bags.
I will be teaching more of these creative metal work and recycle
days this summer.
See more examples by clicking the written or photo posts below.