Wednesday, 27 July 2011

More Quilts for Chernobyl

Barbara and Liz had kindly made and donated these quilts
for The Lifeline 4 Chernobyl Charity.
As you may know Weeting Quilters have collected over
100 quilts from quilters all over Norfolk and Suffolk.
These quilts will be going out to Belarus in September.
Thank you to everyone for your help.
Visit Weeting Quilters at their new blog at

Black and Cream Quilt

Joan had also finished her Black and Cream Quilt with
the Red and Cream Back.
The printed pictures are of Quilts throughout the
year that Joan had brought on her trip
to America twenty years ago and finally
see knew what to do with them. It's funny
how some fabrics we buy and stroke for years
knowing that one day you will know what to do with
it. It is a beautiful quilt.
It has been professionally quilted with a
jigsaw pattern all over it.
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Joan's Wedding Quilt

Joan has finished Jane and David's Wedding Celebration
Quilt. She had it professionally quilted and was putting on
the bias binding at our Coven Quilters evening.
You can see the quilted dragonfly on the picture above.
Why a dragonfly?
A dragonfly landed on Jane's shoulder while they were
taking the wedding photographs.
So what a lovely addition!
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Kates Folded Bag

Monday afternoon I wrapped up Kate's Bag and a little book.
As a Birthday Gift, I know she loves these colours!
It was well received in the evening and everyone wanted to know
how it was made.
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