Monday, 28 February 2011

A Wonderful Site to Visit and Stay!

I met so many wonderful people at 'Textiles in Focus'.

including Val who is one of the founders of

a great place to view wonderful quilts, inspiration and videos.

You can browse and then become a member.

I spent hours viewing and enjoying myself.

take a look for yourself.

Lace Bowls

Chicks With Attitude

Fibrefusion Exhibition

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Textile In Focus

Today Jenn and I went to Cottenham College near Cambridge to

see the 'Textile In Focus" Exhibition.

We go every year at this time and it was as inspirational as ever.

Thank you, to all the Exhibitors for your time, wonderful displays

and inspiration.

Above, is the very inspirational Sharon Osborne, her textile books and

demonstration pieces are so textural and wonderful.

She is an amazing lady and we bless her, for her

creativity and patience.

See more of what transpires from this inspiration,

on my blog and website shortly.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Samantha's ATC

Finally, I have finished Samantha's ATC.
Iv'e really had a good couple of hours again on the
Embellisher Machine and really enjoyed myself.
There is only one like this,
so it's a real original.
See more ATC's I have made and ones I have received on my website.

Embellished Card

This is an Embellished card I made before Christmas to go with an
ATC I needed to make for Samantha.
See Samantha's finished ATC and
more I have made and received on my website.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Finished Quilt

Just look at Sylvia's first quilt!

Finished and labelled.

"Made with Love by Great Grandma".

An heirloom for the future.

Made in time for her new Great Grand Child, that's soon on it's way.

She's also crocheting a baby shawl.

A very lucky baby.

I always love to see the finished work and it's wonderful

to share.

Well done! Sylvia.

See more quilts on my website

Textile Chat

Having a break from sewing, these two ladies decided to look at

one of the books I carry in my inspiration box.

It's all about Japanese folded patchwork.

By the time they had seen it cover to cover,

they wanted to make nearly every quilt and wallhanging in the book!

I can see trouble ahead with these two and their ideas!

How many hours in a day?

Textile Tree

This is the start of Pippa's textile tree.

Lots of textile paint,fabrics and machine stitching.

Pippa is really getting to grips with her machine now.

See this develop over the weeks to come.

Carol Hand Stiching

Carol has the hand stitched binding to put on her

kimono left to do.

It is really looking fantastic, a very special piece.

See more quilts and wallhangings on my website

Kate Embellishing

Kate's on half term holiday and enjoyed her morning

embellishing with RED!

It looked wonderful.

She is going to make her own needlecase.

See more red work on my website

Gallery Tuesday 22nd February

Gallery Tuesday was busy with everyone doing their different projects.

Everyone was happy and sharing their ideas

and laughter.

There was cake again this week!

We did feel lucky!

See more of what goes on

@ The Gallery at

Sunday, 20 February 2011

New Information

If you now click the picture of 'The Toxic Stack' on the right of this post.
It will take you straight through to a page on my website art2inspire,
on how it was made.
I am slowly learning how to add more interest to the pages
and putting in links to show more details.
Have another look and view the new work and enjoy
the information.
click here to see

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Embellished Sketchbooks

I have got back to Embellishing Machine again this week.
oooo, it did feel good and really creative.
These are ready for sale and are on my website and
@ The Gallery.
See the details and more Embellishing on my website

Rabbit Stamps

These are my stamps made from my drawings.
Once the rabbit stamp was made I mounted it on perspex, for ease of use.
My rabbit, is based on medieval tapestries of rabbits and
embroideries from exhibits at
The Victoria and Albert Museum, in London.
The stamp making kit is available from 'imagepac'.
Visit the museum's wonderful website at

Chinese Rabbit

I was asked if I had any rabbit fabric or patterns this week
because of The Chinese New Year.
So here is a printed panel from 'The Roadkill', collection.
I drew the rabbit then photocopied it and then made a screen.
(Similar to a photo printing technique).
I have also made my own stamps.
See 'The Roadkill Exhibition' on my website

Sylvia's Quilt

Sylvia has nearly finished her first quilt.
It is for her Great Grand Child that is due this month.
She has never made a quilt before so she is really pleased.
See more quilts on my website portfolio

Gallery Tuesday 15th February

Lots of Mixed Media textiles being created @ The Gallery.
here Pippa is drawing round her tree design onto her own painted fabric.
It is then going to be embellished and appliqued.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Card Making

I went on a card making session at "Larna Crafts and Wool Shop",

in Downham Market, yesterday and had a lovely morning

putting together lots of techniques and paper crafts I

don't usually do.

I will definitely go again next month.

Thank you to Elaine our tutor, what a lovely session.

I am really pleased with my card!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Watching Over Snowdrops

This lady sits in a quiet corner opposite my studio!

Looking forward to Spring and getting out in the garden.

Methwold Quilting Group

On Wednesday evening I gave a talk at Methwold Quilters.

I showed around 180 quilted items and there was something to

inspire everyone.

The ladies are wonderful and have invited me back next month to

help make fabric shopping bags for charity.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Pink Number Quilt

There, as I promised, a pink version of the "Number Quilt".

I've made two of these, one with a triangle border (above) and one with

a stripey border. I will machine stipple quilt them.

It has been good to work with these pink range of fabrics.

A colour, I don't normally use in textiles especially of this type.

They will be for sale.

One on my website and one @ The Gallery.

See more quilts on my website by clicking this link.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Number Quilt

I have been demonstrating how to make a small quilts week by week since I

started at The Gallery over a year ago and as I finish one

someone falls in love with it and it goes to a new home.

I have made them in various colours and themes.

I have made two of these colourful "Number Quilts" and are

in the process of quilting one and putting the finishing touches to

the other.

These ones are definitely for boys with animals

and tractors on them.

I think I will then start some "pink" ones next!!!!

See more of my quilts and

portfolio at

Kimono Minature

Gallery Tuesday, saw lots of different work being made

and I demonstrated different ways with Mica and Embossing powders.

This miniature Kimono is being made by Carol.

Just Beautiful!

See more of what goes on @ The Gallery