Thursday, 10 March 2011

Paper and Stitch Leaves

This morning I played on my sewing machine, using
some of my made paper.
Every Summer I make a batch of dyed fabric and made papers.
These, then keep me inspired and stocked
most of the Winter.
Here, I used my Autumn Sketchbook as inspiration.
The paper when stitch goes like leather.
You can use a good quality watercolour paper
and colour it with dye or paint to get a
similar effect.
Make sure you use a new needle in your machine.
See more paper and stitch on my website

Many hands make light work

Here are some of the group with their finished bags.

We all had a fun night and Rachel was on hand to

show us the tricks to a good bag.

I personally learnt how to make a good french seam

and 'how to have a flat bottom!"

(in bag terms that is!!!).

Thank you to everyone for such a lovely evening

and Thank you to Rachel for all her hard work

making Norfolk a greener place.


Bag Making

All around the hall small groups gathered around machines

making, chatting and sharing.

Bags were slowly coming together.

Thank you to Sylvia from Dereham for giving me

some curtains her friend had given her.

(There were about five bags made from them and more to come).

At my machine station was Sybil

cutting the bags out,

Jill pinning everything together

and me on the sewing machine.

They really kept me on my toes.

We did have a laugh and

too many handles!!!!


Not More Blooming Elves

On Wednesday evening myself and some more quilters

from Alveva Quilters

went to help the Methwold Ladies Group

make some bags with Rachel,

the co-ordinator for

"No More Blooming Elves".

Rachel was wonderful motivating the group to make a fabric bag

and replace our plastic bags.

I was with Sybil and Jill.

Sybil cut the bag sides and handles out,

Jill pinned them and then it was down to me to

sew the up on the machine.

Visit their website