Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hungry Caterpillar Quilt

I told you I brought some fabrics from Knit Wits,
I brought the panels and some of the matching fabric.
Well, here is the results. A very colourful Caterpillar Quilt.
I used the bug fabric squares that are forming the border.
I had been saving for just
such a quilt!
I love it as it is a refreshing change.
It was a challenge and I think all panel quilts can be
to make an individual Quilt from them.
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Carding Fleece

Look what arrived this morning, the carders I sent for,
from Scotland. They have only taken two days to get here!
I am so pleased they work really well.
It felt really good making rough fleece into smooth
rollages ready for spinning or in my case felting.
I would recommend The Wool Bothy who sent them to me.

Edwardian Glove Inspired Card

Wednesday morning was card making with Kim
@The Gallery Dereham.
Kim gave me the challenge of making a card using
images from a vintage picture scraps book.
I used a picture of an Edwardian Lady, a brooch, glove box
and her gloves.
I added the trim from a lace tray cloth and old buttons.
I used a lace trim punch to cut the card base,
it takes some lining up, to cut it out and not
overlap the holes too much.
I enjoyed the mornings and their were new members
having a taster session.
The card just needs it's insert.
Thank you Kim for stretching me again!
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on the labels below.

Knit Wits Window Display

From September as some of you know, I will be teaching
Patchwork and Quilting Classes at
Knit Wits in Dereham on a Thursday.
(I will still be teaching Mixed Media Textiles,
on a Tuesday @The Gallery).
At the moment there are different quilts of mine going in the window
adding to the colour theme and items but to advertise
the new fabric department and
the classes for people to sign up to.
So for the next couple of weeks my stat quilt and
red bag will be in the window.
Of course, I had to go downstairs and sample some of
the fabrics and I am making items from
these choices to go in the window.
A great excuse to experiment and try new combinations!
Do I need an excuse these days!
Visit Knit Wits for more information or go to their

Strip Patchwork

Brenda, in between making crazy patchwork cushions for her family
decided to make a Knitting Needle Roll Case for her friends birthday.
My finished one is on the top of her strip patchwork.
This strip patchwork is the base for the roll case.
Students ask me for ideas and often I have an item in mind
and can show them for inspiration.
I think it is always good to see the actual item in front
of you so you can see and be shown how to make it.
See more ideas on my website