Friday, 20 August 2010

Jenn's first Driving Lessons

This is the car on return after Jenn having her 2 hour
driving lesson.
All in one piece and she throughly enjoys driving!
I am so pleased as I love driving and it gets you places and
you have freedom, especially living so rurally as we do.
I sense a new car in the family, well a run around one anyway,
fit for a new lady driver!
Well done Jenn and Thank You Philip
for make her driving lessons good ones.

Litcham Caterpillars

I went to Litcham High School on Wednesday
in my role as a Breckland Community Artist.
I hadn't been to Litcham for many years, a beautiful Norfolk Village,
about 25 minutes from Quilters Cottage.
There was a select group of artists
who all enjoyed making there Caterpillas!
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Carol's Nursing Tribute

Carol has been working on this Applique Nursing
Tribute as a picture for her daughter who passed
her Nursing Degree this Summer.
Carol has learnt so many different techniques and is going to carry
on into her next project with more applique.
The Nursing badge will be framed and have her daughters photo
and details on the back.
Haydn @The Gallery is framing it for Carol.
Well done Carol!
See more of what goes on at

Pat's Jewelled Picture

Pat made the embellishment section last week and finished
the beading and jewels for homework.
It is really beautiful.
Well done Pat.
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click this link

Kate at the Gallery

Kate is Pat's 13 year old Grand Daughter and came to the Gallery
to see what Nan gets up to!
She too saw what work Nan makes and
set about making an Embellished card.
Kate had never used an embellisher or sewing machine before
but by the end of the morning had finished
a fantatastic card.
Kate wants to come along next week too!
Well done Kate!

Gallery Day 17th August 2010

Pat brought along lots of artwork she wanted to move on and
work in different ways to make very unique handmade cards.
Her shopping bag is one of those hessian unassuming
shopping bags. She is like Mary Poppins as she
takes artwork after artwork,materials and finished pieces
out of it.
She had a wonderful morning arranging, stamping and
Altering Art!!!!
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Coven girls reading the wonderful wedding square messages,
brainstorming how they can be joined and colours etc.

Wedding Squares

Joans daughter got married,friends and quests were asked
to fill in a cream fabric square with a message or sentiment.
Joan brought them to Coven night to get some inspiration
on how to join them together.
All the Coven girls had made one and it was lovely to see the different messages
and pictures people had done.
Joan is going to make a small keepsake quilt out of them.

Joans Birthday

Joan had another Birthday celebration with us, as it had been her birthday the week before.
I am known for not baking as I tend to cook savour and meals more.
Jenn is the cake baker in the family but
I made a lemon sponge cake with lemon icing and zest decoration
for this occasion.
It was delicious. I know so because the plates were bare
and there was only one slice left for Jennifer
when she came in from night duty.

Coven Quilters

Coven Quilters was at mine, in the studio, on Monday night.
Jane R was missing as she was in London celebrating a daughters Birthday.
As you can see with all the fabric over the table,brought by Kate.
We were having a wonderful evening, some more than others as usual,
Mrs. W at the back!
The fabric looks like it's going to be made into curtains, pennants and bags!
I think Kate is trying a piece on for size!
See my patchwork curtain made from similar fabric in a previous post.

So much in one week

I have only just got my computer back after the gremlins decided to have a rumage!
and do unspeakable things, my front screen looks like a new computer!!
Thank you Pete for saving what you could and sorting out my computer issues.
I have lots of news to share about this week even though
I am now sharing with a heavy heart.

Sad news Today

We lost Merlin last night to an irresponsible van driver who was speeding through the village.
Our neighbours witnessed it happen and the driven didn't stop. We have tried so hard to get speed inforcements in this section of the village as their are no pavements and there are alot of children.
Poor Merlin didn't stand a chance. He was coming home from his visit to the field opposite. He was 16 years old and has had a very happy life, we have been very lucky to share our haven here with him and he will be sorely missed.
Best wishes, dear friend.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Bark Inspired Embellishment

This morning I have been putting the first layers of
embellished fabrics on an artwork 'to be'.
This is based on bark and will eventually incorporate
real bark too! I made a small sample on Monday.
This piece is 10" by 22".
See more of my embellishments
on my portfollio pages on my website

Swaffham Caterpilar Art Session

I was at Swaffham Community Centre on Wednesday morning.
The centre is really modern and light with lots of facilities available.
This was a Caterpilla Art Board Session with a small group.
They all made their Caterpilla's and most enjoyed it but
as I found out not everyone enjoys a focussed art session
Caterpilla's or completing a project!
The first one in over 200 Caterpilla's made throughout
See the Caterpilla Board on my website

Rhiana's Embellished Card

As you can see Rhiana really made a beautiful card.

Rhiana Embellishing

Rhiana is the 'Splat', Saturday, Art Club Artist.
She had never used an Embellisher so came in for a 'Taster Session'.
Rhiana soon got the hand of it and I can see a lots more
See more embellishing on my website

Gallery Day 10th August 2010

Sarah came in to do a printing session.
Using the etching press, ready for Printing Workshops
which start in September.

Monday Embellished Sample

I am exploring the techniques I can mix with the
embellished materials,
ready to present a new body of work based upon 'Nature'.
This sample is inspired by tree bark.
I have used alot of recyled silk scarves.
See more of my work at

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Dunbheagan Open Gardens

After Sunday lunch Stewart and I decided to go and visit
an Open Garden near Dereham, about 25 miles away.
The weather had become sunny and it was a lovely drive there.
The Open Garden Scheme is so special.
People open their gardens on behalf of Charities and
it is advertised in The National Garden Scheme, Yellow Book.
This is the garden of Jean and John Walton.
They were raising money for the
St Johns Ambulance.
It was wonderful, full of Blooms and so much interest,
even Carnivorous plants.
It was very popular and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.
There was music being played by The Reepham Ensemble.
A very lovely afternoon.
See another picture of the garden on my website

Card Making

As you can see I had different colour samples to finish.
I really enjoyed adding the embellishments.
See more of my Embellishing and work at

Card Making

Saturday morning was spent doing all those chores you leave and leave!
Well, I thought 'We', better do them.(Stewart and myself)
So the freezer got defrosted,cleaned and sorted out.
Why is there always that bag of green beans at the bottom of the freezer with last years date?
The bags of recycle and garden rubbish was taken down the tip
and some of mylarge pile of ironing was dealt with,
while we watched an afternoon film.
"Ambition to Meaning,
Finding your Life's Purpose"
Directed by Michael Goorjian and starring
Dr. Wayne Dyer.
I first saw the film on Utube,
(you can see the whole film in segments).
Its a very good film to watch when you are in need
of mental or emotional strength, a real lift to spirits.
This then inspired me to go into the studio and ponder
what I had watched, life and 'chores'.
I put some music on and finished the pile of card samples.
I had started cards and had promised The Gallery some to sell.
So as you can see the 'Evening' of my Saturday was very creative
Embelishing,machining,beading,embroidery and packaging.
So as you can see I had a really mixed day.
I think every artist has to mix so many things into their
day and inspiration comes from many different sources.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Embellished Mesh Card Detail

I have really enjoyed making these cards.
The base is embellished felt and the mesh is
Florist Ribbon dyed and soldered.
Lots of beading and stitch as usual.
See more of my Embellished work on my art page portfollio on

Museum Day

I was demonstrating the Embellisher technique on Friday at the
Kings Lynn Museum. I had a lovely time and several visitors sat and
had a taster, making an ATC, so they could take them home.
The Embroiderer's Guild Exhibition is going well and lots of
lovely feedback.
I managed to make these cards while I was there.
These are available to buy.
See more of my work at


Well would you believe it?
Look what laid on our doorstep on Thursday.
A Hawk Moth Caterpillar.
It was huge.
I took this picture with it sat on a large laurel leaf on Stewart's hand.
Seems ironic with all the 'Hungry Caterpilla' workshops
I have been giving, more workshops next week.
We have seen the moth in the evening in the Summer,
over several years so they must like the garden.
See more of what goes on at
Quilters Cottage on this blog and

Thetford Forest

This is the lovely view we had from the car as we ate our
picnic on the way back from the Dentist at Mildenhall.
It as pouring with rain and looked so green in comparison
to our parched gardens at the moment.
Yes! You did read right, the Dentist!
We make a trip of it because it is not our favourite
appointment. Stewart and I got off lightly with a spring clean
but Jennifer had to have a filling re-filled! oooo!
This view made our morning better.

Gallery Day 3rd August 2010

Lots of comings and goings today.
Lots of enquiries about classes starting in September
and new artists wanting to book in for taster sessions.
Two even came back and started theirs so they can make
jewellery next week.
Judy was away feeling poorly, so hope you feel
better now.
The sample above is embellished wools and
a small amount of metallic gauze.
See more of what is going on @The Gallery and the move to.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Friday Gallery Day 30th July 2010

On Friday I went to the Gallery to organise some of the
art materials
and equipment for Workshop Sessions.
Lots of wonderful stuff had been put away in the
storage containers due to the different exhibitions that
had been going on at The Gallery and the space was required.
We had forgotten which art materials were in which box!!!
I really enjoyed the day sorting and finding out
what there was.
Judy and Haydn were so busy as usual but
look what they gave me to say Thank you for what I do,
a beautiful bunch of flowers and yummy
box of chocolates.
Thank you Judy and Hadyn,they are really appreciated.
See more at The Gallery