Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Caterpillars on Parade

In my role as a Norfolk Community Artist I have been preparing for
an art session at a local Junior School where I will be using the
these parading caterpillas. I have made 160 packs of them!
There are 84 here on the table!
See my website post for 'The Hungry Caterpilla' board.

Shibori Indigo Samples

I unwrapped my suprise parcels! from the Shibori Indigo workshop
and rinsed them through in cold water.
I am really pleased with the results.
I will try and do another Indigo session in a few weeks time.
I liked the pieces which we used beads, screws and sticks to wrap
round. I also need to investigate stitch resist more as the stitched
circle piece is really beautiful.
Thank you, Marion and Sally for a great workshop.
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Gallery Day 13th of July 2010

Pat has nearly finished her 'Favours' she's making.
She is now continuing with the Embellisher making the
embellished felt material to make brooches and cards.
See more of what goes on @The Gallery

Crochet Day

I am playing catch up with my blog with
all the wonderful things I have been doing lately.
On Sunday I went back over to Rockland Allsaints to Marion's Studio
to learn crochet with a select group of ladies
who were already crocheting but wanted to learn more.
Now, I am self taught and as several of you know I do freeform
or 'scrumble' crochet.
So to learn properly and boy! did I learn.
I learnt that I have been wrapping my thread round the wrong way!
(that explains some of the twisting). Also double and trebles,
thats what the stitches were!
Anyway, as you can see we made some flower brooches.
The above are mine. I made the brown one on the day and
I carried on when I got home so I didn't forget.
I am going to dye the cotton one with Indigo.
Thank you so much for such a lovely day Marion .
I am definetly going to continue.
A twisty scarf next!
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