Friday, 21 January 2011

Bolliwood Turrets

Jeanette's been doing more work on her 3D "Bolliwood"
inspired piece and now it's down to assembling and
adding the embellishments.
The picture does'nt do justice to the work in each piece,
See more 'India' inspired work on my website

Cot Quilt

Sylvia's one of our new ladies and last week she made a

needlecase. Her first real 'go' at patchwork.

This week she mastered the Rotary Cutter by cutting out

all her squares and sewing them together for a cot quilt.

She's a lady on a mission as her new great grand child is due

in February and wants the quilt finished to hand it over

when they arrive. She does't know whether it's going

to be a boy or girl so has chosen vibrant colours to be on

the safe side!

I must say as well, Sylvia used up the fabrics

she had and some she had been given.

I love to do this and it is often more of a challenge.

Wow, Sylvia what a morning, you got so much done!

See more patchwork on my site


Carols all fired up for more patchwork and Quilting

and is making a miniature Kimono, using my full size

version as inspiration.

Her fabrics are beautiful and vibrant.

The flying geese sections are going to be very tiny!

A good challenge!

See previous Wednesday the 12th blog entry this month.

Gallery Embellishing

Gallery Tuesday 18th of Jan was as busy as ever on the

creating front. Here, Jeanie is embellishing felt tops

on the embellishing machine

and using one of her original watercolour paintings

as inspiration.

Her painting was of "Withering Heights".

Avery atmospheric painting of a house on the moors.

See more embellishing on this blog and on


Heres me with mine on too.

I'm the one on the left!

My label says,

"6projects on the go, a real Quilter!"

I think that says it all!

Look at our Aprons

Look at this line up!!!

Barbara was such a clever lady and made us our own apron.

Each one had a label on it relevant to us.

Sooooo clever!

Coven Girlies Dinner

Here we are The Coven Quilters, on our celebration evening.
Don't we all look happy?
(The frosting round the photo was not intentional, I am
still getting to grips with the flash workings of
my phone!).
Anyway, we meet once a month and in January we celebrate by having our
meal where we each bring a course and have a
"Coven Christmas", pressies, party hats and all!!
It was such a wonderful evening and I feel so lucky
to have such dear friends.
Thank you girlies for another wonderful year together.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Kimono Wallhanging

So, here is the front of the Kimono.

(sorry about the light glare, I am still getting used to my iphone).

The Kimono needs the adjusting when the back goes on but I feel it's

coming on o.k.

I will post more as I go.

Talking about technology, yes, I did get a new computer and phone but

the new technology and a system that

I didn't have any understanding of did drive me into

a 'Technology Hole", as I am calling it.

I could only do so much each day to learn and do the basics with all the

orders that were coming and began to hate technology.

This eases, so if anyone is about to get a new computer,

give it time to sink in.

Be gentle with yourself!

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Kimono Fabrics

These are the fabrics I picked to make the "Kimono Wallhanging".

There were two Kimono's at Alveva Quilters Exhibition

this year and I just loved them.

Carol who comes to the Gallery on a Tuesday said she would

love to make a small Kimono wallhanging as she has some wonderful


So, I have made the full size one and I will alter slightly and make

the smaller pattern next.

The Chintz Crane fabric was given to me by Jeanette and I

am going to use it for the back.

See more wallhanging inspiration on my website

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Gosford Park Inspiration

OOO, look at Jeanette's finished Gosford Park Page.
Inspired by the ladies,lace and finery of a bygone age.
These are just beautiful pages.

Ann's Quillow

Ann had a stash of fabric squares she brought on holiday in America and

is now making a Quillow with them.

These are the squares cut out for the front and Ann is

busy sewing them together, after we labelled the rows once the arrangement

was worked out.

Today she was able to work out the front and back of the cushion panel

for the quillow

and do some felt embellishing.

I really love the brights!

For more quilt inspiration visit my website

Pat's Hat Brooch

Pat made this embellished felt brooch to go on her

new felt hat.

The studio lady was more than happy to model it for her.

Pat has made two more from the same piece of embellished felt,

all are totally unique.

Well done! Pat.

See more embellishments on my website

Project Finishing

These are some of the projects that I never got to post before

Christmas. Here Carol is putting the finishing touches to her

Christmas runner. It looked beautiful and must have

looked stunning on her table.

See more inspiration on my website

Gallery Day 11th Jan 2011

Gallery Tuesday's, kicked off the classes for beginning of the year, back
@The Gallery Dereham today.
Mine wasn't the only family hit by flu over Christmas
and New Year but we were all feeling much better
and ready to move on with projects.
As you can see everyone is busy doing different work.
See more of what goes on @The Gallery

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Journal page 2011

So first page of my new made journal all about Goal setting and
how to maintain your ideas and enthusiasm!
I loved putting the pages together and creating out of a pile of old
magazines! I mean old, some were from the 80's and older.
I don't buy many magazines these days.
I grabbed a pile from the studio over Christmas to go through,
a real mis mash of gardening, craft and fashion,
many I had been given.
I flicked through pulling out the odd thing that was of
interest and left it all in a pile.
You know,one of those piles you get round to and it
gets bigger if you don't do something about it!
Now normally they would have gone straight into recycling
but with going away and flu they stayed in their box ready!
I must have known I would be needing them.
So on Tuesday I sat down and creatively went wild!
See more of my sketchbooks on my website
click on this link

Making a Journal

I normally start a new sketchbook at the start of a New Year
but this year I wanted to try something different and make my own,
using the skills I use with my gift books and years of sketchbooking.
(see my Decembers video post)
I also love the journal pages of Teesha Moore so
followed her instructions and made my own journal
and had some fun cutting out pictures and journaling in a
Goal Journal.
I am putting down ideas and inspiration for 2011.
Thank you to Teesha, this inspiration started my creativity going
due to the flu flooring me!
See Teesha's how to technique videos on her site.


It's the start of a New Year and we all have things on our lists
that we want to do. I don't do resolutions any more,
I make a list of the things I want to do
and the wish things as well.
Last year I promised myself to be creative everyday and I was.
I kept myself accountable to this by blogging my creativity nearly everyday.
I published 491 posts so that is more than one a day!
Towards the end of November and all of the December
I was creating and making peoples presents none stop.
So couldn't blog etc, even I got tired and hated the computer!
Thank you, to all my customers and the lovely
people who commented on this blog and my website
This year started with the flu, I have slept for England thats all we could do!
I am now being creative again
and now feel like sharing.
Good Luck with all your GOALS this Year!

Happy New Year Everyone

Happy New Year Everyone.
Well, what a creative year 2010 was and it went so fast too!
Hope everyone has a good 2011!