Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Embellished Felt

Brenda started last week @The Gallery by
embellishing a background fabric in all blues
with a hint of green.
She had in mind to make her friend a gift which was
so unique and different to anything she had given before.
Brenda had admired the embellished needlecases and
started. Well first session went so quick
for her she embellished her felt and then
mastered embroidery stitches on my sewing machine.
This week was the flowers, leaves and beading.
Inside is lined and has felt pages.
I think it is really beautiful and feels
wonderful to hold.
Her friend is very lucky.
Well done Brenda!
See more embellished artwork at

Stained Glass Patchwork

I really admire Carol she chooses some
wonderful projects to do.
Carol chose a picture of a 1930's stained glass
window and wanted to make it in patchwork.
She had seen some pictures of the Stained Glass patchwork in
some magazines and wanted to make her own.
So, we made a pattern and and then she traced it.
Cut all the little pieces out, labelling the paper which you
put on top as you go.
(It's like a fabric jigsaw puzzle!).
I have previously posted this photo.
It is then a matter of taking section by section,
laying the black bias binding on the top of the joins
remembering to figure out how to hide all the
edges of the bias binding underneath the other ones.
You can see this in the top picture.
Carol brought the iron on and very fine bias
which looks wonderful so far as you can see.
By clicking on the 'Stained glass patchwork', label
below you can see the finished piece of work.

Bolliwood Changes

This is Jeanette's 'Bolliwood Turrets' textile she is working on
at the moment.
The door decoration has changed again this week because
if you compare with the previous 'Bolliwood' posts,
the door, still was'nt right.
Jeanette has also added the leaf vine and embroidery
and of course the Elephants and their
background. It really is
a beautiful piece.
(To see more detail click on the image).
If you want to see more posts on
Bolliwood Turrets or India inspiration,
underneath this post there is a line of labels,
next to the comments.
If you click the label word you are interested in,
all the posts that are relevant, will come up so
you can see the progress as well.
You can see even more India Inspiration
by clicking the India Inspiration photo
on the right too.

Jeanette's Textile Picture

Jeanette creates some wonderful textiles.
So richly layered, embroidered and beaded.
She allowed me to take a picture of her and
her textile art, that she had borrowed back from a
friend to show us.
Thank you Jeanette.
Sorry, about the shiny photo of her work above.
Jeanette is also the lady behind 'Bolliwood Turrets'.

Curtain Remake

Syliva finished her first patchwork quilt and
can now announce she has a new Great Grand Daughter!
Syliva wanted to make cushions for her dinning room
chairs and wanted to use the extra curtains she had
and any fabric we had in the Gallery tub.
She made a paper pattern and the made patchwork.
Also adding some ties to keep the cushions on the
chairs. She has made four of them and they
brighten up the room and feel nice to sit on!
Tailor made!
Syliva this week made an Art tidy,
from some more of the curtaining and lining
fabric. A real make over!
and really useful.
I think we are all looking again at what we can create
out of what we have!
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