Monday, 20 June 2011

Dyeing Fabric Day

After doing a few jobs in the garden I decided to do
some fabric dyeing. I had been thinking about it for
a few weeks and had got all the things together.
I had use Dylon Dyes, that I had some from previous
dye day along with a couple I had been given.
I fix them with salt and soda, so it is really easy to do.
I used old cotton sheets and some dyed fabrics which
were a little pale from last time, these were
all dyed in plastic bags.
Each bag has some dye put in and the salt and soda
and given a good mix, you can either add the fabric or
mix in some cold water to dilute the colour.
Leave to cure!
I love rinsing the fabrics out and hanging on the line to see
the colour range.
I dyed blues, reds, yellows, green and purple
with a few mixed shades in between.
On the line above you can see the yellows going into
orange and red.
See some of my quilts that use my fabrics
on my website