Saturday, 19 February 2011

Embellished Sketchbooks

I have got back to Embellishing Machine again this week.
oooo, it did feel good and really creative.
These are ready for sale and are on my website and
@ The Gallery.
See the details and more Embellishing on my website

Rabbit Stamps

These are my stamps made from my drawings.
Once the rabbit stamp was made I mounted it on perspex, for ease of use.
My rabbit, is based on medieval tapestries of rabbits and
embroideries from exhibits at
The Victoria and Albert Museum, in London.
The stamp making kit is available from 'imagepac'.
Visit the museum's wonderful website at

Chinese Rabbit

I was asked if I had any rabbit fabric or patterns this week
because of The Chinese New Year.
So here is a printed panel from 'The Roadkill', collection.
I drew the rabbit then photocopied it and then made a screen.
(Similar to a photo printing technique).
I have also made my own stamps.
See 'The Roadkill Exhibition' on my website

Sylvia's Quilt

Sylvia has nearly finished her first quilt.
It is for her Great Grand Child that is due this month.
She has never made a quilt before so she is really pleased.
See more quilts on my website portfolio

Gallery Tuesday 15th February

Lots of Mixed Media textiles being created @ The Gallery.
here Pippa is drawing round her tree design onto her own painted fabric.
It is then going to be embellished and appliqued.