Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Jeanette is building up her picture with the mixed media
textile leaves now.
You sometimes get to a stage where you can't see where
a piece is going or how to move it on.
When she un wrapped it there was a wow! from those
in the Gallery but Jeanette wasn't happy with how the piece
looked. We analysed it and it was too flat.
and needed a focus.
Yes, it looked like falling leaves but it needed a focal point
and lift. Jeanette and I spent a few hours
working out focal areas and making the piece 3D.
Jeanette makes fantastic 3D textile artworks.
her most recent, "Bolliwood", was entered into an art show
and was well received.
Keep persevering Jeanette it is working!
Click on the bolliwood label below or the others to see some
of Jeanette's work.

Patchwork Shopping Bag

Barbara also made this wonderful patchwork Shopping Bag.
It is made out of Upholstery fabric scraps from The Curtain Shop.
It looks really modern and the handles are bespoke because they
fit Barbara. When making bags always consider the length of your
handles, so they are comfortable.
We cut a card bottom liner to give it more stability to
stand up to put shopping in and it is't too big so not to
put pressure on the shoulder!
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Scrap Quilt

Barbara made this quilt as a learning process.
How to use different fabrics, some from fabric stores and thrift shops.
Cutting out triangles using a rotary cutter.
Getting used to her new sewing machine, which I can tell you she loves!
Learning applique and piecing.
It has turned out wonderful and it is going in her
holiday caravan as a comfy.
Well done Barbara.
To see more Scrap Quilts visit my website at

Octagon Quilt

Carol found this English Pieced Patchwork Quilt in a
Charity Shop and brought it.
It's edges are unfinished, which is normally the case with
hexagon or in this situation an octagon and square.
People either run out of steam to finish and it is an
on going project or they don't know how to finish it.
The fabrics in this quilt date from the 1940',50's,60's and 70's.
So it is quite a find.
Carol is going to back it with some 1970's fabric to keep the
continuity. It will be a 'bagging', process.
(Put right sides together, seam round and leave a gap,
then turn inside out and sew up gap).
This will then go on her Craft Stall to raise money for Charity.
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Patchwork Folded Bag

Here is Sylvia's folded bag made from a bag of purple and pink scraps.
I love it when a bag of fabric bits makes something really beautiful.
Well done Sylvia!
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Carol's Folded Bag

Carol has been enjoying making smaller projects over
the last few weeks. She is making these folded bags for a gift stall
she is presenting for the local Cancer Care Trust.
This one really looks like a cupcake!
Well done Carol for all your lovely work.
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Fleece Preparing

Over the weekend Stewart and I did the first washing of the fleece
from Little Abbey Farm.
These tubs contain one and a half fleece,
enough for me to process on the Monday.
After washing out the worst and leaving them to soak
over Sunday night, I rinsed
and re- washed the wool again.
This was then spread out on a large plastic sheet to dry.
It normally takes one to two days to dry naturally
depending on the weather and the density of the wool.
Our garden smelt a bit like a farmyard!
We emptied the cleaning water all on the
flower beds because it is like liquid manure!
We should have wonderful wool and plants shortly!
I am now waiting for some new carders that I have ordered as
my old ones looked positive toothless!