Thursday, 3 March 2011

Coven Quilters with Kate's Quilt

This quilt has been another labour of love for Kate.
Machine pieced with many African fabrics.
Kate is now in the process of hand quilting it.
Kate had it basted together
(quilt front,wadding and backing put together)
by Jenny at Harmony Quilting
in Watton, Norfolk.
It has been done so well it will make
quilting so much easier.
I would have struggled even with my 8 ft table!
The quilt is for Kate's son.
Ooo isn't he lucky.
We are persuading Kate to put it in for the
Summer Samphire Exhibition as
work in progress!

Kate's Reversable Quilt

Kate has made a truly reversible quilt
using Kaffe Fasset fabrics .
She is showing the back of the quilt in the first picture.
It is made up of 2" squares.
(finished,so you start by cutting a 2.5" square).
The front are large 10" squares and everyone of them has a message
on them which quests at her Birthday wrote and
Kate then Hand Embroidered.
See previous post for details.
Wow, Kate well done!

Kate's Birthday Quilt

Bess loves quilts and of course, helping you look for names!

Tea and Cake

We were lucky at this month's meeting of Coven to be celebrating
two birthdays as our meeting date feel after both of them.
Now Kate is wonderful and makes a cake each meeting.
We have tea and cake in her wonderful
Victorian style Conservatory which looks over her
beautiful town garden.
Kate always plays 'Mum' too!
There were two cakes this time,
Coffee and Walnut or Cherry and Cream Sponge.
Beautiful! some had a slice of both!
(I can't talk because one of them was me!!!)
The years really fly by,
we have been meeting for over 12 years now,
what wonderful memories!

Jellyroll Quilt Top

Jane got a Jellyroll pack of fabrics and a Jellyroll book
from the Coven members for Birthday
and here is the quilt top she has made with it.
The jelly roll fabric made the centre panel
and she added what fabric she had to the border.
We all liked the 1950's feel of this quilt it's so
fresh looking.
Then there was the discussion about the back!
should it be a sheet or a pieced back.
We all agreed that you appreciate a pieced
patterned back rather than a plain sheet!
patterned fabric also hides some quilting
hic cups!!! not that we have those, do we?
See more quilts on my website

Wholecloth Quilt Quilting

Here, Liz is continuing to hand quilting her wholecloth quilt.
She is so close to finishing. What a quilt!!!
See previous post for the details.
Well done again Liz!

Wholecloth Quilt Facts

We all were absolutely blown away when Liz brought out
her wholecloth quilt.
As you can see some of the more avid members
amongst the group are not only admiring it but
counting the stitches!!!!
The wholecloth had been already drawn out for Liz
when she brought it and she has been hand quilting
off and on, each Winter for the last five years.
A real labour of love.
She has a corner to finish, bias binding and a label to do.
So the finishing post is near.
The wholecloth is then washed and the drawn lines
What an Heirloom Liz.
Really well done.

Wholecloth Quilt

Tuesday night was Coven Quilters night too for me.
We have such a lovely get together, share and laugh so much.
Here is a detail photo of the middle of Liz's Wholecloth quilt.
It is cream/off white soft cotton and she has hand quilted it
with a light lilac quilting thread.
It is a large Kingsize wholecloth!
Click the photo to enlarge.

Gallery of Artists

Tuesdays are always busy @ The Gallery Dereham.
Here, Claire the resident Painter and Tutor is working away
in what is the Photographic Studio and Haydn is taking
photos of Marion's paintings, another Gallery artist.
(You can only just see her legs as she is holding a painting
I couldn't resist taking some photos as I have got my camera back.
It had to go in for repair, ooo I have missed it.
Thank you to Haydn, for taking it in and
Thank you, to Mark and his team at the
Norfolk Camera Centre
11 Nelson Place,
for fixing it.
They fix allsorts of camera problems.
I saw 2nd World War cameras being take in to be serviced
while I was there, fascinating!
See more of what goes on @ The Gallery by clicking

Gallery Day 1st of March 2011

Lots of Mixed Media going on at the Tuesday morning session
@ The Gallery Dereham.
These are three of Pat's mixed textile trees above.
She has one more to do and then it is working on
the background fabric to give it the same depth of colour and richness
but still leaving the variation, so the trees shine.
'Grounding' them, as a fellow textile artist called Judy.
(She explains this so well).
Visit her blog at
See more of what goes on at the gallery and more
throughout this site.