Sunday, 30 October 2011

Textile Painting

Both Ann and Sue came into the Textile Tuesday
sessions over the last few weeks, just wanting
to paint fabric!
So in my usual fashion set them to work
with all the equipment and some tips
and hints and set them to play and explore
the medium!
He! He!
I love it when people play!
I get them to have an inspiration
first, either with a physical object in front
of them or a memory that they want to capture.
Sue wanted to express the fields of
anemones she had seen next to a wood in France.
She had also made an Embellished piece
inspired by this.
See this
The start is there and she had a wonderful time!
I am sure he is singing in the bottom photo!
So, so, happy to be creating!
Ann's piece based on a Blue Poppy is really
coming on, it has been painted, shadows and textures
added, the petals cut out with a soldering iron and also
added holes for texture and depth.
The background is now coming together
with added paint,rubbings, printing and threads.
As you can see it will be a stunning piece.
See how Ann started this piece
There are so many possibilities and I love sharing
the techniques of textiles and art.
There will be more opportunity soon
with the move to the new Art Centre at
The Memorial Hall Dereham in December.

Dove Cushion

Pat has finished embroidering The Dove Cushion front
and is now putting the borders on.
If you notice she has matched up the leaves and flowers
around the border to give it
continuity and flow. Takes a lot of fabric
but well worth it.
Pat also works other similar pieces at the same time
so, is working on another cushion which as
an Indian Lady in her garden.
Another 1930's image but transferred
with Lazertram Print Paper,
(similar to photo print on t-shirts).
I always try and expand students comfort zone
with creating and Pat is a very willing student,
excelling in her work.
See how this cushion started
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Gallery Tuesday 25th October 2011

As you may know Textile Tuesdays @The Gallery
are always busy with creating and everyone has
a good time too! as you can see
by some of these next photos.
At the top, Sara is covering fabric with
old dressmaking patterns and then making a new piece
of art to sew all over and transform.
Lots of patchwork,
lots of chat and catch up with other students
with Jeanette modelling Pat's new bag
and telling them all about,
her trip to Emmerdale!
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written posts and @The Gallery
and Je