Saturday, 23 February 2013

Textile in Focus

Textile in Focus at Cottenham near Cambridge 
was on 15th, 16th and 17th of February this year.
I went on the Friday as usual and was bright and early as it opened.
Did my usual go round taking everything in,
I met up with lots of friends  and caught up on the latest projects.
Brought lots of goodies which I will post later.
The Exhibition in the sixth form was outstanding and the demonstrations
by artists such as Linda Monk and Jenny Furlong were
very informative and inspirational.
Above, is Sharon Osbourne in action.
She is so inspiration and her made books are out of this world.
There is a no photograph rule now at Textile in Focus
but Sharon always lets us as she thinks its important to share.
What do you think about this, photographs or not?

More Quilts

These two quilts have been slowly coming together over
the last couple of weeks.
Eileen has chosen just vibrant colours to wrk with,
it's fantastic.
Janet is making the fan quilt for her Grand Daughter.
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