Saturday, 18 February 2012

Lace Painting @The Gallery

I am encouraging students to dye and colour different
types of fabrics and trimmings, so they can have a palette
of textiles and embellishments to work with.
The laces were painted, sponged and sprayed
with various paints, inks and dyes.
The underneath papers and fabrics can be as interesting
as the pieces you are colouring.
Doubling your mediums!
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Gallery Tuesday 7th February 2012

I have been taking the printer and prepared fabric
to all my teaching sessions this month so that
students could transfer their pictures and photos
onto fabric. It's lovely seeing textiles being
created this way and it makes it so personal.
Nikki above, is making a cushion with pictures
in memory of her Mum.
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Bag Making

On Monday 6th of February it was lovely to play
in my studio making another bag for the Bag Day
in March.
Blue is my favourite colour so, it was even more pleasurable!
I made the bag in the traditional bagging method by
making the outer bag and lining leaving a gap in the lining to
turn the two pieces that are now sewn right sides together.
It makes the edges clean and tidy.
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Good News

I went to Wensum Lodge, The Adult Education Centre,
in Norwich.
I went to start the next step of starting the
City and Guilds for
Machine Embroidery and Patchwork and Quilting
@ The Gallery Dereham.
The meeting went really well and the Award Levels
can start at the end of March, after everything is put
in place.
If you are Norfolk you will be able to participate
in these courses.
They will be on a Wednesday.
The Awards, cover the basics of the Guilds, similar
to a taster.
Great News for all that want to start gaining
educational certificate recognition for their


As you can see there is a variety of cushions being
made by students.
Ever one takes a different combination of techniques.
This is what makes the sessions so interesting for everyone.
Seeing the inspiration and makes from myself
and other students.
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Wall Hangings at Knit Wits

These are small wall hangings made from recycled
I encourage textile recycling in my sessions and
many of my students are enjoying the freedom
of making things from items that they find or are
now looking at items differently and how they
can be remade.
The Garden Scene below is made from a bottle cover.