Saturday, 13 March 2010

Chilford Quilt Show

Mum and I went off to Chilford Quilt Show yesterday. As usual there was so much inspiration and things to spark off new projects. The Quilts on display were a mixture of traditional and contemporary. Mum and I admired the vast amount of group quilts from The Beckenham Quilters,30 years worth! and the quilts of 'World Inspiration' by Pamela Archibald were so inspiring. Roy Dickinsons 'Engineering Quilts' were very clever and you found different characters every time you looked.

Each and every stall and demonstrator had treasures for you to admire but I was drawn to 'The Rich Picking' bags of courturier fabrics and work of Jennifer Trollope.
Visit her website for some luxurious inspiration.
Thank you to the organisers and participants for making it such a wonderful event to visit.