Sunday, 23 May 2010

Jo Rolfe Artist' Studio

Jo is participating in Norfolk Open Studios.
She specialises in Hand-dyed and stitched textiles.
Her work is inspired by the coast, landscape and
architectural detail.
Her wonderful studio is in her garden at Fincham
and opened on two weekends
22nd and 23rd of May 2010.
29th and 31st of May 2010.
Stewart and I had the opportunity of visiting Jo
and looking and being inspired by her work.
Jo will be opening her studio in 2011 Open Studios too!
See inside my studio on my website

In the Natural Order

Art in the Garden.
This impressive installation was produced by
conceptual artist
Lynn Hutton.
It has a presence and size which fits within a landscape setting.
(I am 5ft 6").
Each metal strut has a verse.
Three being,
'Let the dry land appear'.
'Let ther be light'
'Let the land produce plants and vegetation'.
All grounded in a bed of slate.
To see more of Lynn Hutton's work

Stitch in Time

Art in the Garden.
Being a textile inspired artist this installation
by Julia Sheila.
I was lucky enough to meet Julia and talk
art, cameras and textiles.
She is a very vibrant artist.

Elements of Life

Art in the Garden.
This installation is by Liz Murfit.
Such a clever use of the Garden gazibo and the
modern plastics of life.

Ewe and Lamb

Art in the Garden.
This is the work of sculpture Andrew Williams
and was on the pillar plinth of a garden path
Beautiful in the sunlight!


Art in the Garden.
This wooden sculpture was made by Claire Heath.
'Bringing Nature to the world of people'
This as really impressive in this space.
You can see why it had already been sold.
Claire likes to work with reclaimed and weathered materials.

Art in the Garden

Yesterday Stewart and I went to Art in the Garden at Fincham, the next village to us.
As usual Brenda had organised over 20 Artists and their work in
her garden at St. Mary's Lodge.
With a gallery of artwork,studio and amazing garden filled with art.
It's on May 22nd and 23rd.
May 29th, 30th and 31st.
June 5th and 6th.
It is really inspirational, unique Art Event
and well worth the visit.