Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sail Boats in Knit Wits Window

Every two weeks the window display in Knit Wits
gets a complete revamp and new ideas and purchases
are put in the window.
This next weeks theme is Nautical and all things Seaside.
So as you can see my Sailboats quilt is in the window,
advertising the new fabric department and the
quilting lessons that start in September.
I will be doing two days in August in the shop.
The 4th and 11th to meet people and demonstrate
my work.
OOOh how lovely to be surrounded by all that
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Card Making Wednesday

On Wednesday it was card making class with Kim.
We were given the choice of a quote
and had to make a card from that as our starting point.
This quote resinated with me from my
creative point of view.
The butterfly has been stamped on vellum and
the bottom picture is inside the card flap.
I have also put a detail on the back and signed it.
See more of my card making by
clicking on the labels below.

Wool Batts have arrived

When I got home from teaching @The Gallery,
my neighbour came round and handed me a parcel.
I was so pleased, as it was the Wool Batts I had ordered from
World of Wool late Friday afternoon.
They are so beautiful and ready to use for felting.
You can also get synthetic wools for using on the embellisher.
This stash is for my wet felting demo at the weekend.
I would recommend World of Wool for their service
and prices.

Barbara and Crazy Patchwork

Barbara was inspired by a crazy patchwork quilt she saw in
a book and wanted to make it in a heart shape
for a gift for her Aunt and Uncle's 60th
wedding Anniversary.
I took in my crazy patchwork throw for
stitch and beading inspiration.
Books are great and a fantastic starting point
but if you have the article in front of you to
see and handle it makes creating far easier.
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Ruth Raes Books

Jeanette is working on her mixed media leaves wall hanging
and had brought this book in for us to look at.
jeanette is looking for inspiration for her next textile piece.
We all had a look and I enjoy going on Ruth's website.
Visit her site for inspiration

Gallery Tuesday 27th July 2011

part of Textile Tuesday @ The Gallery is finishing work and
sharing the achievement.
Brenda can only do her textile work @ The Gallery
due to her busy life schedule.
As some of you may know she has finished many articles
which have been very beautiful and
this week she finished a Knitting Needle Case Roll and
a Needle Case to match in strip patchwork.
As they are a gift she made them in all shades of purple,
her friends favourite colour.
She gave her Grand Daughter her Pink Crazy Patchwork
cushion at the weekend as it was her Birthday and she was
thrilled. Brenda is now making her daughter a cushion
in browns. This is the start and the embellishments
are to be added.
Well done Brenda. It is so good to be able to share
our creations.
See more of Brenda's work by clicking on the
labels below.

Birthday Girl

we are so lucky as friends when we meet up once a month for
Coven Quilters as we are able to celebrate a birthday!
This month it was Joan's.
Kate makes such beautiful cakes!
this was a raspberry and cream one and there
was a coffee and nut one and a cherry loaf as well!
Blessing for friendship!