Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Embroided Mixed Media Tree

Pat has been away for a few weeks but look what she
has been making and it is ready for framing.
It is a single mixed media tree.
She is still working on the layering of her
wall hanging which contains
four similar trees to the one above.
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Crazy Work Cushion

Brenda has finished her crazy patchwork cushion.
This is Brenda's first Crazy Work patchwork.
It is going to have pride of place on one of her comfy arm chairs!
Well done Brenda!
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Cot Quilt

Sylvia has finished her cot quilt ready for her new great
grand child that is due in the Autumn.
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Well done, Sylvia!

Gallery Day 30th May 2011

As usual Gallery Tuesday @ The Gallery was as busy as ever
and there were many different forms of media being
worked on. Two scissor cases, sketchbook cover,
machine quilting, a quillow, a mixed media picture,
crazy work cushion, a mixed media wall hanging
and a jacket.
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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Garden Flowers Quillow

As you can see I have finished the Garden Flowers Quillow
and it is now ready for sale.
I have really enjoyed working on this quillow.
See more details and how to purchase on my the Quilts,
Art2Buy Page on my website.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Blue and Green Quilts

Yesterday, I began quilting the centre of Jack's Quilt and managed
to complete that section by the end of the afternoon.
I don't often sit and machine quilt all day because of
I took this photograph of the three Blue and Green Quilts
together to show the size difference.
The Quillow is at the back, Jack's Quilt is on the table
and the miniature quilt I made on Sunday Evening.
Stewart helped cut all the tiny pieces.
It is 17" by 21"
It's got to have bias binding put on.
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BA Fine Art Show 2011

Last night my friend Michelle and little Lexi were invited to
The Private View of The BA Fine Art Show for 2011 at
the Kings Lynn Arts Centre.
As past BA Students we had both exhibited there and
it is always great to see the new ideas and students shows.
The Show was as dynamic as ever, filling all of the four
Gallery Spaces!
Chris Williams talked to us about his work which many
were drawn to. It is based on Still Life Images of everyday
objects which are then abstracted and re- arranged in sections.
These are then reproduced using different thicknesses of media
such as card,plaster and concrete, they were outstanding pieces of
Good Luck to all Art Students!
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Lynne Pretty

On Wednesday evening it was The Kings Lynn Embroidery Guild
meeting and Lynn Pretty came along to talk about
her 'Travels Textiles and Quilts'.
She showed us some textiles she had collected from around the world
and the memories she had acquiring them.
She then went on to show us her quilts and wall hangings.
Her first Quilt based around India Inspiration.
It was Exhibited at the V&A!
A lot of Lynne's work is based on history and source inspiration.
Which was lovely to see. Her work involves mixed media and
tightly packed machine quilting.
At the end she answered lots of questions from the group and
shared how she layers up her fabrics.
It was a wonderful inspirational evening,
Thank you Lynne.
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Fen Edges

When I came home from card making @The Gallery
on Wednesday, I needed to get down to some
textile creating.
Some of the fabric is remnants from the blue and green quilts,
dyed and painted fabric is from material,
I painted the same time last May!
It must be this time of year brings this colour out in me!
See this earlier post.
I had laid out the pieces for a wall hanging on my design board
and it felt the right time to sew it all together
and this is the result so far.
It is now ready for embellishment and stitch!
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Card Making

Wednesday morning was a card making session with Kim
@The Gallery. We are still working with Eastern Inspiration.
In my case Chinese and Japanese.
We are using all the different techniques.
Here are some of my cards that I made that morning.
The top card needs finishing but doesn't two hours
go quick when you are having fun!
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my Portfolio Pages on my website

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Machine Embroidered Leaves

Jeanette's new mixed media textile work is based on Autumn Leaves and
is inspired by a community wallhanging picture she saw in a magazine.
She wants to learn many different ways of making leaves and
Next week is printing and painting the background
fabric to the work and designing more foliage.
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Gallery Workshop Afternoon

Gallery Mixed Media Tuesdays are in two sessions, 10am-12.30
and 12.30 until 3pm.
As you can see there are a lot of different textiles being
worked on, Machine Embroidery, Machine Quilting
Patchwork and Embellishing in this afternoon session.
Rebecca and Frivella had come to have an Embellisher
Taster Session to learn my techniques and to get used to their machines.
See more at what is going on @The Gallery

Gallery Tuesday 24th May 2011

Sylvia is trimming the free machined quilted cot quilt for her
future Great Grand Child.
She began classes in January for the sole purpose
of making a quilt for her expected Great Grand Child then.
She made a beautiful animal quilt and it was given to her
new Great Grand Daughter.
The next month a large envelope arrived in the post
with lots of bits of yellow fabric and some animal squares,
with the plea from her other Grand Daughter who was
"Please can you finish this I don't know what to do!"
Sylvia laughed and we made sense of the odd
cut strips and patches already cut out and she put it
all together as you can see above.
I few bits of piecing had to go on for the back!
Sylvia loves Machine Quilting and it looks really great.
It's having red bias binding to finish it off.
A very lovely Great Grandma Gift!
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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Norfolk Open Studios

Monday the 23rd May was Stewart's and mine 24th Wedding Anniversary,
so we would celebrate it on the Sunday.
We decided to go round a few Open Studios and have a late lunch out.
First we went to Print Artist, Zelda Eady's at Mattishall.
The Studio photograph is above.
A wonderful studio set in the middle of fields with sheep in them.
In her studio was all her work and wonderful printing and
relief presses. Works of art in their own time.
Zelda's daughter Ellie had made a giant mobile
of a thousand origami Cranes and it hangs from the ceiling
of Zelda's Studio.
( There is a colourful picture of a section of it, above).
Zelda and her husband shared their time and home and we even got
a tour round their garden which was lovely.
It's great to share time with people and what they love.
Then on to Marion Barnett's 'Little Green Shed'.
Marion's location again is a beautiful one.
Her Studio was very atmospheric with music playing and work
Visit her blog at
Then on to Elmham House and 'The Big House Artists',
The artists were in the Stables and The Sculpture Trail,
winded around the gardens.
We then finished with a lovely lunch at The Crown, in Gayton.
See a small selection of the Sculpture above.
For more information, visit

Monday, 23 May 2011

Willow Seating Area

This weekend the willow needed to be harvested,
before it gets too late and you can't bend it into shape.
I had left it a little too long but knew the seating
area opposite the Japanese garden needed doing.
Stewart started the pruning the larger willow branches,
making the holes and planting the up rights and
I stripped off most off the foliage.
Pilling up the different sized poles, I
then began to weave.
It took all day and I think you can see the difference?
The Willow man sat on and watched!
See more of our garden at
Quilters Cottage


Coming home from a holiday you always seem to look around your own surroundings.
Down in the Vegetable Garden the Poppies have flowered.
They are the most vivid of red I have ever seen them.
The bees are having a field day!
See more of our garden at Quilters Cottage

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Bracket Mushrooms

There are always wonderful things to photograph and
notice when you are away on holiday and I couldn't
resist this Oak Tree with this collection of Bracket Mushrooms.
It was standing in the pasture field next to Berwick Church.
After checking there were no bulls in the field
I went to investigate and took some photographs.
To see a time lapse video visit my tech site

Berwick Church

After visiting Charleston Farmhouse you really need
to visit St Michael & All Angels Church at Berwick,
just a few miles away from Charleston.
All the Murals were painted by Vanessa, Duncan,
Quentin and Angelica.
The murals were painted on boards and transported
down the lanes to Berwick from Charleston,
on horse and cart!
All the figures are modelled on themselves,
family and friends.
The view from the Church Yard is spectacular.
To see more of the church and the paintings

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Charleston Farmhouse

We started at the shop and went through the gates to the
front door. Everything in the house is priceless so we were
given a few rules!
We entered the front door into the hall and straight into
The Study, once a school room for Quentin and Julian.
Then room by room exploring the art and atmosphere.
The Studio was left to last and it was just as you would
expect after the tour we had just had memorable,
as if they had just left the room.
Nearly every room of the house
has a view of the amazing garden.
It looked very picture like from many of them.
You are not allowed to take photographs of the inside of the
Farmhouse so I brought the interiors book and it is
wonderful. The book illustrates the tour you have been on and fills in
historical context and information.
See images and information of the Charleston Farmhouse

Charleston Farmhouse,The Bloomsbury Group

Visiting Charleston the home of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant,
members of The Bloomsbury group, has been on my wish list
of places to visit for a long time and as we were in Sussex,
we took the opportunity.
The farmhouse is situated in the middle of The Sussex Downs
not far from Firle Beacon in between
Brighton and Eastbourne.
We arrived at 1pm and the house is open by tour only.
Tours are limited to about nine and ours was at 2pm.
We went round the Exhibition in the small Gallery of
the shop. The Exhibition 'Naked', drawings, paintings and sketchbooks
of Vanessa and Duncan's based on the human form.
Then around the garden,oh! what a garden
a real painters garden a smaller scale to Monet's Garden,
(another place on my wish list)
Beautiful! and so inspirational.
We then needed another cup of tea and had this sat in
Quentin Bell's Ceramics Studio!
and watched a DVD on how the house was restored
when the trust took over in 1978.
We then waited eagerly for the tour to begin!
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