Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Kew Gardens

The Art Room Students and Tutors all went for the Summer 
inspirational trip to Kew Gardens.
It was amazing we must have taken at least 500 photos each and there 
was so much inspiration for future work.
I went round with Pat, she had a motorised scooter as it is so 
far to walk for someone waiting for a knee op.
I saw far more because we went round smelling and looking at the flowers,
enjoying the trees at
a very steady speed as the scooters are set at walking pace.
Some of the fruits and seeds in the hot house really set the
mind racing!
It was funny at times though because Pat had to turn round at
The Japanese House and ended up in a ginkgo tree!
We had a wonderful time in the Galleries too!
It is a place you can visit time and time again and never run out 
of inspiration.
Visit Kew Gardens 

Bird Pegs

There are a flock of these Bird Pegs around Norfolk now.
I think Meg has a whole aviary of her own as she has
many fund raising events to make for.
Lots of my students love coming along to share and 
inspire others to make.
I affectionately call them "Elves", as they are constantly making
for others and raise lots of money for charities and make people

Cheeky Owl

There have been many an Owl made since February this year
and this one has great character with his wings and cheeky eyes.
Liz made it fabric she brought back fro her Australian Holiday.
See more owls and birds by clicking the written labels below.

Crazy Patchwork Book Cover

Pat loves trying all the different creative techniques and 
some she likes doing but doesn't want to make then into 
anything. She had collected several samples and so decided
to put them into a fabric book which she could add pages to
as and when.
We make fabric books on Level One City and Guilds
so samples are small but are part of an item that can be 
continued. Its great choosing a theme or colour 
so then it doesn't matter what technique you try you can add them
to your book and they are small so can be finished in a short period 
of time.
See more by clicking on the written labels below.

Foiled Embellished Bags

These are some more metal, foiled and embellished bags.
They use so many different layering techniques 
it makes the surfaces so rich and interesting.
See more by looking clicking the written labels below

Beautiful Bags

Creative Textiles is really getting know for inspiring
lots of different bags and several ladies are
getting a reputation for being'Bag Ladies',
in the nicest possible way. 
The top bags are made by friends Val and Jo.
They chose their fabrics together at the Duxford Show 
and then had a bag making day!
They are just a bit bigger than the ipad and have
some wonderful clasps and embellishments on them.
Beryl made the appliqued  hexagon decorated bag.
Love the shape!
The mini hand bags are ideal gifts and Carol has had 
some fun making them.
I inspire at least two bags each month aswell and 
'Show and Tell' just inspire everyone.
See more bags by clicking on the written labels below. 

Embossed Metal

I have got a lot of pictures and news to share and I have been 
asked by students, family, friends and Caroline's Mum to update my Blog. 
So here goes....
Above, is a drinks can that has been embossed with a shell and sea 
themed embossing plate and then coloured with acrylic inks.
Elaine had the plate for her birthday and we all had a lovely
time embossing with it. 
So, thank you to Suze for giving it as a gift and thank you to
Elaine for sharing. 
Some of the embossing plates are really detailed
 and you can pick out so many areas to use in your work.
Is just one of the companies that has some really good plates.
Just remember when cutting your drinks can to be 
careful of the sharp edges.
See more of embossing and metal techniques by clicking the 
written labels below.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mousehole Cat Dream Catcher

Gill has nearly finished her Dream Catcher based on the
story of the Mousehole Cat for her final piece for City and Guilds.
The ideas and techniques are so varied and colourful.
Great fun too!!

Caroline, Show and Tell

Caroline has been with us 6 months now and she is 
really getting addicted to sewing! 
She has brought a new sewing machine and is
trying out all the machine stitches and programming in
new embroidery patterns all the time.
We all loved these "Show and Tell".

Metal Samples with Embroidery

These are some of the samples that were produced at the class and 
continued at home. 
They are so rich in colours and so varied.
Remember they are all made out of drinks cans!
See more by clicking the labels below.