Monday, 8 August 2011

Purple Sampler Quilt

On Sunday, I went in the Studio, inspired
by The Sampler Quilts that some members are making
at Weeting Quilters (the meeting was the Monday!).
I found my Sampler
Blocks that I had made several years ago,
while teaching a Patchwork and Quilting Class.
(They are 'Quilt as You Go Blocks').
I arranged them and then sewed them into
the strips and then into the quilt top you
see above.
I just need to put the border on and finish quilting
the sashes.
I could show and tell while working on it at the
See more of my quilts on my website

Fabric Shopping at Shan's

Friday afternoon Stewart had the afternoon off so
we decided to go to Shan's at Hunstanton to
buy fabric for a commission for Will.
Will wants a quilt with colours yellow to green
and red to browns.
Shan's was as busy as ever as we arrived and
Stewart and I set about gathering the bolts for
the quilt. (You can see our choice above).
I think it will make a really good quilt.
Stewart HELPED! Shan with cutting
the wadding, notice I put HELPED in
capitals as they both decided to have fun
wafting and waving it up and down while
I was trying to work out how much I would
need for two quilts with it's width measurements.
Some people do anything for attention!!
I then chose some purple fabrics for myself for
a new project.
We left with a giggle as Shan had recounted
some of her funny stories of being a
fabric shop owner and I took a photo
as she was selling elastic to an
Italian gentleman.
It always amazes me how much fabric
and haberdashery items Shan gets in
her Hut!
Shan's website will be live shortly at
the end of August.

Knit Wits Quilt Display

On Thursday I was at Knit Wits in Dereham
where I set up a mini quilt display of my quilts.
I was there so that people who want to sign up for the
new Patchwork and Quilting Classes that
I am running at the shop could ask questions,
see more of my work and what sort of things they
could make.
There was lots of interest and the classes are
split into weeks.
Week One for Quilt Basics.
Week Two and Three for Projects
and Week Four for Quilt Making.
Everyone was lovely and some
had brought along their blocks and
work for advice too!
I am there with my quilts and more info
on Thursday 11th of August 2011,
I will be putting a full schedule of classes on my website
and you can see more of what happen at Knit Wits

Butterfly Card with Quote

On Wednesday it was card making and I made another
card with a butterfly on it.
This time adding textiles and a quote.
I also printed fabric and papers to cover a journal.
Thank you Kim, for sharing your time, inspiration
and equipment.
I am going to be helping Kim set up a blog this week,
so watch this space for her amazing
Card Making Blog.
You can now see Kim's Blog at
and my card making and paper craft blog at