Saturday, 11 February 2012

!st February Evening Class Knit Wits

Once a month I teach a Wednesday Evening class at Knit Wits,
in Dereham.
It is always well attended and the projects being made
are varied.
I encourage 'Show and Tell' and you can see
a Reading Cushion made by Ann at the bottom of this post,
what a lovely gift for a child.
Lots of cutting out and finishing own projects going on and
the time goes so quick.
The letter quilt was made from a printed panel.
Each letter had to be cut out separately and
measurements had to be checked to make the squares.
Panels can be great but it often what you do with them
that makes the difference.
The top photo is of Heather Ann machine quilting
a Web, Strip Quilt.
Visit Knit Wits website

Betty Ball

Ros Peedle is our Region 9 Co-Ordinator at the moment.
She is nearing her 3 year post and
Betty Ball has come forward to take over the role in May.
Betty is a bit of a celebrity at the moment as she has a
quilt hanging in the Layers Exhibition in York at
The Quilter's Guild Museum.
Betty is a member of The New Horizons Textile Group.
Visit their site HERE
Visit the Quilters Guild

Quilters Guild Region 9 Committee Meeting

On February the 1st we had our Committee meeting for
Region 9 of the Quilters Guild.
Lots of things to discuss and new ventures being
One of the things on many of our minds is,
'The Block of The Month", designed by
Jacquie Harvey a Quilter from Norfolk.
The Block of The Month is open to anyone and you can
start at any time.
The funds raised are helping the Region 9 put
on events.
The one above is in the process of being embroidered
and beaded by Ros Peedle.
Looks good!
To see the Block of the Month Quilt and Jacquie's work.
Visits Jacquie's site

Book Cover

Pat loves making mixed media backgrounds and then she
includes many techniques to make
them all look so different.
This one has areas removed with a soldering iron.

Finished Quilts

The Quilts been made are varied too!
Here is a traditional one and one made for a nephew
out of his football shirts, sweatshirts and shorts.
Both are really finished to a high standard.

@The Gallery Tuesday the 31st of January 2012

Class was full as usual and there were lots of projects
starting and gathering momentum.
I have taken in the ink jet printer so that
students could print their photos onto fabric.
There are so many different ways of using the
photo fabric images.