Sunday, 4 December 2011

Card Making Wednesday 30th November 2011

Wednesday was card making with Kim and I
was feeling a bit slow and needed to sort out my
tools and card making stuff before I felt I could do
anything creative.
You know when you feel you need to have a slow day?
Once I got going I learnt about how to distress paper and tags
using a distress tool. I then sat distressed tags for a while and watched
others create their cards.
Kim then showed us some of her new
Christmas stamps and that was it, I was off and
inspired. I stamped and inked, embossed and prepared
papers and fabrics with the new ideas.
I had a lovely morning,
Thank you Kim.
When I got home there was a Thank you card (above)
from Will the new owner of the Commission Quilt that
I have been working on over the last few months.
Will had made the artwork and card.
Thank you, Will!
and visit Kim's Card Blog


During the Textile Tuesday afternoon session,
Carole from The City and Guilds Education
Assessor came to assess my teaching and see
what classes that I can teach and offer certification for.
I had met Carole at Elveden Farm Shop and Restaurant
the day before.
It was quite funny really, we had been emailing and
fixing dates of when to meet but it wasn't until I
parked up in the car park I realised I didn't know
what Carole looked liked (was she wearing a carnation,
sprang to mind) and I didn't have a mobile number!
Today, in this modern age sometimes with instant messaging,
one can take things for granted!
It was a lovely meeting and Carole informed me
she would be able to assess me the following day
on 'Textile Tuesday'.
Needless to say, it all went very well
and the ladies all had different work to share.
I even had one student, as she came through the
door exclaim,
"Oh, Jane I have brought my machine embroidery but
I have to make wings for a five year old Angel Gabriel,
by Monday, where do I start?"
Lucky enough, I have made lots of costumes in the past and
it was'nt long before the student was quite content
making angel wings!
Session and assessment over, all went well
for another Textile Tuesday @ The Gallery!

Victorian Lace Favours

Every month there is a different Inspiration Topic
and then within that each week there is different
inspirational projects.
I love traditional Christmas Gifts and Favours.
Here is my version of a Victorian Lace Tree Favour
except mine is larger and can hang on a wall.
I made mine larger because I wanted
to incorporate a Gozo Lace Collar that I
brought when we were on holiday in
Cyprus seven years ago.
It is made out of a linen waffle dish cloth
with layers of lace, some of which comes from
lace net curtains!
and parts of Christmas Ornaments.
The photo at the bottom is students work
inspired by my lace projects.
See more of my vintage lace artworks
on my website

Candy Canes

These Candy Canes are another favourite make of mine.
I have been making them for over ten years and
I love sharing my Christmas Makes with new
In the shops today are so many trims, ribbons and decorations
that I just love to dismantle and add the different components
to my pieces.
See more Christmas items by clicking on the written
labels below.

Lace Folded Purses

Students have been making several of my inspired projects
over the last couple of weeks as gifts for
Several have been enjoying making the Folded Purses.
These photos show Sylvia's at the top, finished.
The middle one shows several at different stages
and Pat is just starting to decorate her strip
of fabric ready for folding.
See my Folded Purse

Christmas Makes

More student Christmas Makes.
I think it is wonderful that these are going to
add to a family Christmas!

Show and Tell Textile Tuesday

I encourage 'Show and Tell' before the start of each
class session and it is a lovely time to share.
I have found that students instead of cringing
at the thought now look forward to it and
talk more freely about how and what
they have enjoyed about what they have made
but also the pit falls and how they have
solved them. It also encourages others to
have a try at an item they may not have thought
of doing before.
Pat is one of those special students who
always stretches the boundaries and is
always willing to to share her vast experience.
Here she has made a picture for her Grand Daughter,
"All I want for Christmas is a pair of DM'd".
She found the pixie boots at a show and they
look exactly like the pair of boots her Grand Daughter
Underneath is the photo of the new ATC's
Pat has made, each a wonderful piece
of textile art in their own right.
Well done Pat and Thank you!
See more by clicking on the written labels below.

Textile Tuesday 29th November 2011

Here are my students version of my Button Christmas Tree.
I love seeing all the different version although they are
all starting with the same pattern.
See my Button Christmas Tree

Button Christmas Trees

I started making this design of Suffolk Puff Christmas Tree
15 years ago for craft stalls.
I am making them again to show students and
new patchwork and quilters
what you can make as a postal gift as these are light
and can be a card too!
They are lovely to hang up as part of your
Christmas Decorations.
They were well received at classes and
several students set about making them.