Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Lovely Lutradur Book

Marion was back at The Gallery today along with Jill.
They are getting ready for Open Studios and they are using
The Gallery as their exhibiting venue.
I brought Marion's book today and she signed it too!
I will have a good read and tell you all about it.
We are surounded by some really inspirational and clever people at The Gallery.

Carol's Quillo Cushion

This is Carol's cushion front for her Quillo.
She brought the two fabrics and made the panel.
She has machine quilted the straight lines and then she is hand quilting with gold thread the flowers and details.
Well done Carol, from beginner to quilter in such a short time.
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Gallery Day 20th April 2010

Jenn's 19th birthday today but she's at college, ahh!
I'm at The Gallery and her Dads at work so special tea and cake tonight before she goes out and Party's.
Well here's Carol getting on with her first ever machine quilting of Quilt!!
She's doing so well and practising with her new machine.
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