Thursday, 1 March 2012

Photo Keepsakes

On Monday 20th of February I got into my studio
and finished making the Photo Transfer Lace Keepsakes
that I wanted to make the girls of Coven Quilters.
The idea being I would
present them at our Yearly Dinner.
Paddy took our yearly photo on Kate's sofa in January and
I knew I wanted to make something from it to remember
as I have been teaching photo transfer for the last month.
The lace background is all bits of lace, curtains, silks,
satins, ribbon and wool free machined down around the
photo and then made into a cushion filled with lavender
and stuffing.
I was really pleased and signed them all on the back.
The idea being all the girls could sign each one as
it went round the table while we were waiting for our meal.
Making a very special Keepsake.
It was lovely all week knowing we would be meeting for lunch.
We normally meet in the evening!
I'll post photos later.
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