Monday, 4 April 2011

Diana's Dresses

Mrs Peggy Umpelby had lots of samples but the ones which were
the most intricate were those on Diana's dresses.
Peggy often made up several samples for the designers and Diana
for them to chose their favourite.
The top sample is from one of her famous State Occasion dresses,
the sample was magnificent, no wonder this became one of
Diana's favourites.
These lower samples were from the 'Elvis' dress as it was called
because of it's raised 'Elvis' type collar.
designed by Catherine Walker and beaded by Peggy
and her team at S.Lock Ltd.
The dress was beaded with thousands of varying sized pearl beads.
The right hand sample is beaded in a quilting/embroidery pattern called
The border which was the hem of the dress has three lines of
bugle beads which is then wrapped stitched with crystal beads.
A lovely way to finish a piece, a technique I think I
would like to use in the future.
See the fantastic You tube video of Diana's dresses.

Wedding Dresses

Peggy still works for Fashion Houses,
beading from her own home in Norfolk,
although she told us she had really retired!
It was very apt with Prince William and Kate's wedding this month
Peggy showed us some wedding dress samples and pictures.
This is a section sample of a recent wedding dress.
the layering of the beads to form flowers are beautiful.
Peggy's Husband sources all her beads and motifs for her from
around the world. Often taking days to find the right ones.
Creative Beads for a supplier they use.
Peggy beaded Princess Diana's wedding veil
using over 10,000 3mm pearl sequins.
See this really good article about the dress which mentions Peggy here

View this amazing video to see how some tambour beading is done.