Sunday, 26 February 2012

Quaker Tapestry Exhibition

After The Textile and Focus Exhibition, I went into Ely to see
The Quaker Tapestries at Ely Cathedral.
I first had a lovely lunch in the Almonanry Tea Rooms.
I have a real soft spot for Ely as
Stewart and I met there 27 years ago.
The Tapestries were beautifully made and were
so intricate and shared with so many across the world
not only in their making but in the exhibiting.
I was listening to the personal audio when
a lady I did my City and Guilds Embroidery with
over 14 years ago
and is also from the Shetland Islands, came over and we
had a lovely catch up chat. We admired the tapestries together.
Ely Cathedral felt even more special.
I went around the Cathedral and saw many more things
I haven't noticed before.
I sat and reflected for a while as life has been great
but hectic and the calm of the Cathedral was really regenerative.
Quiet contemplation is always good for the soul,
where ever you find that quiet place.
I count my blessings everyday and feel very
very lucky.