Sunday, 9 October 2011

All Pink

Sara has been working on her themed pieces of textile and
as you can see they are Pink, flowered and with
additional butterflies.
Above, is Sara's first go at strip patchwork and
free machine quilting, as you can see it looks really good.
The embellished piece is going to cover a notebook.
See more embellishment by visiting my website.

Nikki's Waistcoat

Nikki has been working on her Alpaca Tweed Waistcoat
for several months. Nearing the finishing line
it was the waistcoat hem and buttonholes this week.
Just removing tacks, lining hem and press finishing.
It looks really stylish!
Well done Nikki! for your patience and perseverance.
It was supposed to be a beginners waistcoat but with
a cowl collar and made in alpaca it has had its

Transfer onto Fabric

Each week there are many different techniques
being tried at the Gallery Textile Sessions
and this week it was the different ways
you can transfer designs onto fabric.
The top was a transfer of Sara's artwork,
very modern and Pat's is the
1930's Doves.
Watch this site for more transfer work shortly.

Gallery Tuesday 4th October 2011

So many different projects are being made @ The Gallery
'Textile Tuesdays' sesssions.
Above, is a green striped cushion made by Barbara and
a Christmas Runner made out of scraps by Beryl.
Even though some of the patterns are used they
always look different!
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written labels below or visit

Monday at Knit Wits

I am now doing an extra Monday at
Knit Wits at the beginning of the month.
It was a lovely morning with a quilt being put
together, folded bags and a fancy Union Jack Cushion.
In the afternoon I finished my Japanese Bag from
the Saturday Workshop and had a good
browse of the lovely new fabrics that Fiona
has ordered in.
See more of what is at Knit Wits

Nicole's Christening Quilt and Cushion

On the Sunday I finished putting Nicole's quilt together
and Jenn made Nicole a cushion to match.
They really look good together if I do
say so myself!
I love making baby quilts in between
projects and larger quilts.
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written labels below or visit my website portfolio

Workshop Day at Weeting

On Saturday the 1st of October I went to the Workshop Day
at Weeting. There were four different workshops
going on in the hall.
Beading with Doris.
Sugarcraft with Sue.
Christmas Baubles with another Sue
and Bag Making with Viv.
I was attending the bag making.
A Japanese Bag with ties and twists!
As you can see by the photos it was a
very creative day and even though it was so
hot everyone had a lovely day.
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