Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Bongleweed Page

This screen printed fabric was inspired by the childrens book
'The Bongleweed',
where a child watches a plant grow outside their window.
It takes over her world and she has adventures exploring in it.
I have had to deal with an awlful lot of weeds
this spring but as many a gardener has told me,
"Weeds are just plants, growing in your wrong place!".
So true! but they do take over!
See more of Quilters Cottage garden throughout this blog.

Back of Bongleweed Page

This is the back of The Bongleweed page.
There is a section from some of my screen printed fabric
I usedon the front.
The quote is,
"May all our weeds be
wild flowers"
See more of the pages as I add to them
throughout the Summer.

Yellow Iris Page

The Yellow Iris page contains all my own dyed fabrics.
The back is a section from a a dyed flowered duvet cover.
I recycle most things!
The quote is
"Nature is the source of
all artistic expression"
See more quotes and how I have used them
in my work at

Purple Iris Page

This Purple Iris Page
contains alot of my own dyed and screenprinted textiles.
It was the end of the day and screen, so I
sprinkled it with talcum powder and you get
wonderful bubble shaped spots on your fabric.
I had previously laid a resist pattern down of a flowered
heart and this is on the back, using this same technique
with the talcum powder.
The quotes are,
" Imagination is everything.
It is the preview of life's coming attactions"
Albert Einstein.
"By changing our course of action
in a moment,sometimes in a very
small way we may redirect an
entire outcome"
See more quote andhow I have used them in my work at

Pink Iris Page

This Pink Iris page contains several quotes as you can see.
"If a journey had no struggle.
If life had no effort.
If work had no pride.
Where would the meaning of it all be?"

Blue Iris Page

This is the 'Blue Iris', page.
The pages are all A4 size,
with the intention to join them all together into a book
ready for Alveva's Exhibition in October.
Our theme for the Exhibition is
'An English Country Garden'.
I have layered materials and made pockets for
keepsakes and memories to be added onto
the pages.
Each one contains quotes, poems and verse.
The backs are decorated too! with additions such as buttons.
I have written longer quotes on them
in my own handwriting.