Monday, 11 April 2011

Quilters Cottage Garden

The last two weekends Stewart and I have been in the garden
working hard. We tend to start at the top of our, three quarters of
an acre garden away from the house! and work towards it.
The walk gets shorter but we still have to water some plants/seeds
at the end of the day.
We have started replacing some of the raised beds which
have made dividing the garden into manageable areas
and maintaining vegetable growing easier.
The raised beds need replacing every now and then.
As you can see, these ones we have just put
in The Secret Garden
are quite solid ones this time.
At 2" thick and 8" high.
All painted with plant friendly paint.
We have replanted strawberries, lettuces, herbs and leeks.
Planted seeds and sets of,
Runner Beans,
two different types of....
Spring Onions,
three different types of Onion Sets.
Why the different varities?
We like them not only for flavour but they crop
at different times.
We will plant seeds again in a couple of weeks time in pots,
so we get a continual supply.
We are surrounded by fields and live opposite a Fen land so
everthing in the garden has to be protected from wild animals!
such as Roe and Munc Jack Deer, rabbits, hares, several
different types of birds and of course the usual bugs!
We try natural persuasion with netting,
complimentary bedding plants and perseverance,
so we all get to share nature!
We just love going into the garden and picking
our own food.
The main flower garden which we renovated last year got a
weeding and a mulching of two tons of wood chip,
yes! all man handled by Stewart and myself around all the
flowers and bushes. It saves time in the long run, I don't have
to weed so much!!!
We also delivered a ton of wood chip to Mum's Garden and
did her flower beds too!
We now ache!!!!
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