Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Carol Quilting at The Gallery

With Carol finishing her Quillo, she now wants to use all the squares
and materials she has left over to make a scrap quilt.
Here, she is unpicking the the brocades
which frayed before so she can use the other fabrics
and use the brocade for an embellisher
project she wants to do later.
Everyone had a lovely day and walked round the two exhibitions
that are on show.
'The Art in Music' for The Dereham Festival
and The Norfolk Open Studio' Artists
Jill Arnold
Marion Barnett

Gallery Day 25th of May

Angie finished putting her wallhanging together
so today we layered the hanging together with safety pins.
The front, batting and backing fabric.
Now Angie had to decide where she wanted to put the
machine quilting
as there were alot of embroidered areas
and lace to consider.
Also what colour sewing threads to use.
Angie brought along her trusted Bernina sewing machine
and I showed her how to remove the bobbin sections
so she would be able to clean her machine in the future,
as no one had ever shown her before.
She then started machine quilting, straight stitch first.
This is the first Wallhanging Angie as ever done this size
and machine quilted.
Well done, Angie!
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