Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Crazywork Square For This Month

Tonight is Alveva's and I have made my crazywork square for the round robin.
I have liked working with Ann's fabrics and the Autumn colours.
We have one more square to work on before the big reveal.
I am really excited,it has been 8 months
since I saw my block go off in it's box.
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Dereham Festival Art Exhibitions

Dereham Festival is on now until the 29th of May.
The Gallery is one of the venues hosting artwork from the area.
This exhibition is all about 'Art in Music'
and exbits the artwork from participating
Breckland schools.
Jenn and I went to the Private View,opened by the Mayor.
Really great to see the artists enjoying their exhbition.
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The giant fish sculptures swimming from the ceiling are
wonderful and the artwork is really expressive.
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Gallery Day 18th of May

Carol and Angie really busy working while the new exhibition at The Gallery
was being set up and labelled.
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Carol Embellishing

Carol has finshed her Quillo, you can just see it onthe table, so decided between quilting projects
she wanted to try embellishing.
Here, Carol is cutting snippets of fabrics for her embellishing 'colour palette.'
She embellished onto some warm and natural wadding.
This was Carol's first experiments with embllishing and she wanted to take the
machine home because she had had so much fun!
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Pat's Embellishing

Pat is really enjoying the embellishing and tried different colours
and techniques,adding machine stitches and direction.
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Pat Enjoying Embellishing

Pat enjoying embellishing.

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Life in a Chocolate Box

Gallery day at Dereham today and Pat brought along some of her
treasures she and unearthed the previous week and wanted ideas
on how to use,update or recycle them.
Pat explained she had gone to an art class and the tutor had asked them to express
someone's life in a chocolate box by treasures that represented their life.
Pat wanted to celebrate her aunt's life and had been given and found little 'treasures'
for special years in her Aunt's life.
(double click on image to enlarge)
On the card is the layout selection of the chocolate box exactly like the real one with the
dates and memories.
We talked about each treasure and how this memory art could be treasured even more.
Maybe a wooden jewelry box or display case with
other family treasures and memories in
as a keepsake for the family?
This is what I love about sharing art,
memories and expressions of life.
Thank you Pat for sharing your 'treasures'
and hope this inspires others.