Monday, 31 May 2010

Walnut Tree Garden Nursery

While visiting Marion and Sally's Studio,
they told us about a local nursery nearby at Rocklands,
The Walnut Tree Garden Nursery.
It has a garden to walk round and some wonderful plants.
Here, Mum is admiring the large borders and unusual plants
with the ones we already knew.
both Mum and I were inspired
and I brought some plants for my 60 feet border.
See previous posts on this blog about my Quilters Cottage Garden.
The Walnut Tree Garden Nursery is
holding a Plant Fair
with visiting nurseries
13 June 2010.
Supporting St John Ambulance
Visit their website at

Shibori Fish

Mum and I decided to visit the studio of Marion Baker
and Sally Mills who are artists participating
in The Norfolk Open Studios
at The Coach House at Rocklands.
The journey here was through some lovely countryside.
Their studio was welcoming and had lots of inspiration on display.
I have booked in for a weekend in July
for an Indigo and Shibori workshop on the Saturday
and a crochet workshop on the Sunday.
The Shibori Fish above was designed and made by
Sally Mills.
Thank you Sally and Marion for such a lovely visit.

Quillo Fabrics

These are the fabrics I brought on the trip to Sian's at Hunstanton.
They are for a Quillo Workshop that I have been asked to give
in July.
See more of my Quillos on my website

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Fabric Brought!

The main reason to visit Sian's was to pick up the
wadding and thread for Alveva's,
group quilt we are working on.
I also needed some fabric to make a Quillo for a workshop I am giving shortly,
I chose all different shades of blue, one of my favorite colours!
Jenn needed some trimmings to make cushions
and cards for friends,
so all in all we really enjoyed our visit.
By the look of Jenn's face think we spent our budget!
But we still had enough for our ICE CREAMS!
Thank you Sian at The Scout Hut at

Lola Says Hello

When we arrived Lola was having her afternon nap.
Though it wasn't long after with all our giggles and laughter
with Sian catching up on what had happened since our last visit
that Lola decided to see what all the noise was about
and immediately said a very
sleepy hello! to Jenn!
See Lola, in previous postings on this blog!

Hunstanton, Norfolk

On Friday after doing the things that Jenn needed to do,
we took ourselves off for a Mother and Daughter afternoon to Hunstanton,
on the North Norfolk coast.
We always visit here for sea air,icecream,fish and chips and
a visit to Sian's fabric shop!
It was a lovely sunny day and I just had to get the Palm Trees in
on the walk down to the sea!

Jenny's Guild Talk

On Wednesday at the Guild, our booked speaker
was unable to attend so
Jenny brought along some of her work and gave us a really interesting talk.
She told us when ,how and her inspiration.
Even tips of what to use.
There were so many interesting items and
techniques she had used,
it could have kept us busy for hours.
Her work for City and Guilds was wonderful and the textiles based
on Sutton Hoo were outstanding.
The piece above was based on one of te treasures,
Jenny s also giving aworkshop on the 19th of June
on Hooked Rugs.
I booked in and I am sure it's going to be an interesting day.
See my metal pieces at

Jenn's Cake

Relatives are Coming!
Jenn made a fabulous Lemon Cake with
Lemon drizzle icing!
ooo it is goooood!
Why can't Jenn be a chef?

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Mimu's Nest Sample

Look at what arrived from Mimu today in he post.
A wonderul sample of her entry for the May FAMM Challenge.
I feel very lucky to have a sample of Mimu's work as it is so
original and inspirational.
Thank you Mimu!
See Mimu's ATC she sent me on my website

Back of sample Square

I always like to show the backs of my work too!
and as you can see it is labelled ready for handing in
to the Guild tonight.

Sample Stitch Square

Here is the sample all squared off ready to put into he challenge.
All the finished squares are going to be joined together to form a
wallhanging for our Exhibition at
The Kings Lynn Town Museum this Summer.
See more of my embellishments etc on

Sample Stitch Detail

This is the detail of the sample square

and of course I had to add alot of beading!

See more of my embellishments and embroidery on my website

Buttonhole Stitched Sample

This sample square of Buttonhole stitch,random and in a round,
is for the Embroideriers Guild Challenge tonight.
It had to be 4" square, colour of our choice but we had to lucky dip the
stitch and the instructions that went with it!
This is the sample before it is squared off!
See more stitchwork on my website

Embellished Flower Picture

This piece of embellishment finally got it's beading and finishing off today.
See more of my embellishment work on my website

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Carol Quilting at The Gallery

With Carol finishing her Quillo, she now wants to use all the squares
and materials she has left over to make a scrap quilt.
Here, she is unpicking the the brocades
which frayed before so she can use the other fabrics
and use the brocade for an embellisher
project she wants to do later.
Everyone had a lovely day and walked round the two exhibitions
that are on show.
'The Art in Music' for The Dereham Festival
and The Norfolk Open Studio' Artists
Jill Arnold
Marion Barnett

Gallery Day 25th of May

Angie finished putting her wallhanging together
so today we layered the hanging together with safety pins.
The front, batting and backing fabric.
Now Angie had to decide where she wanted to put the
machine quilting
as there were alot of embroidered areas
and lace to consider.
Also what colour sewing threads to use.
Angie brought along her trusted Bernina sewing machine
and I showed her how to remove the bobbin sections
so she would be able to clean her machine in the future,
as no one had ever shown her before.
She then started machine quilting, straight stitch first.
This is the first Wallhanging Angie as ever done this size
and machine quilted.
Well done, Angie!
See more of what happens at The Gallery

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Jo Rolfe Artist' Studio

Jo is participating in Norfolk Open Studios.
She specialises in Hand-dyed and stitched textiles.
Her work is inspired by the coast, landscape and
architectural detail.
Her wonderful studio is in her garden at Fincham
and opened on two weekends
22nd and 23rd of May 2010.
29th and 31st of May 2010.
Stewart and I had the opportunity of visiting Jo
and looking and being inspired by her work.
Jo will be opening her studio in 2011 Open Studios too!
See inside my studio on my website

In the Natural Order

Art in the Garden.
This impressive installation was produced by
conceptual artist
Lynn Hutton.
It has a presence and size which fits within a landscape setting.
(I am 5ft 6").
Each metal strut has a verse.
Three being,
'Let the dry land appear'.
'Let ther be light'
'Let the land produce plants and vegetation'.
All grounded in a bed of slate.
To see more of Lynn Hutton's work

Stitch in Time

Art in the Garden.
Being a textile inspired artist this installation
by Julia Sheila.
I was lucky enough to meet Julia and talk
art, cameras and textiles.
She is a very vibrant artist.

Elements of Life

Art in the Garden.
This installation is by Liz Murfit.
Such a clever use of the Garden gazibo and the
modern plastics of life.

Ewe and Lamb

Art in the Garden.
This is the work of sculpture Andrew Williams
and was on the pillar plinth of a garden path
Beautiful in the sunlight!


Art in the Garden.
This wooden sculpture was made by Claire Heath.
'Bringing Nature to the world of people'
This as really impressive in this space.
You can see why it had already been sold.
Claire likes to work with reclaimed and weathered materials.

Art in the Garden

Yesterday Stewart and I went to Art in the Garden at Fincham, the next village to us.
As usual Brenda had organised over 20 Artists and their work in
her garden at St. Mary's Lodge.
With a gallery of artwork,studio and amazing garden filled with art.
It's on May 22nd and 23rd.
May 29th, 30th and 31st.
June 5th and 6th.
It is really inspirational, unique Art Event
and well worth the visit.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Bongleweed Page

This screen printed fabric was inspired by the childrens book
'The Bongleweed',
where a child watches a plant grow outside their window.
It takes over her world and she has adventures exploring in it.
I have had to deal with an awlful lot of weeds
this spring but as many a gardener has told me,
"Weeds are just plants, growing in your wrong place!".
So true! but they do take over!
See more of Quilters Cottage garden throughout this blog.

Back of Bongleweed Page

This is the back of The Bongleweed page.
There is a section from some of my screen printed fabric
I usedon the front.
The quote is,
"May all our weeds be
wild flowers"
See more of the pages as I add to them
throughout the Summer.

Yellow Iris Page

The Yellow Iris page contains all my own dyed fabrics.
The back is a section from a a dyed flowered duvet cover.
I recycle most things!
The quote is
"Nature is the source of
all artistic expression"
See more quotes and how I have used them
in my work at

Purple Iris Page

This Purple Iris Page
contains alot of my own dyed and screenprinted textiles.
It was the end of the day and screen, so I
sprinkled it with talcum powder and you get
wonderful bubble shaped spots on your fabric.
I had previously laid a resist pattern down of a flowered
heart and this is on the back, using this same technique
with the talcum powder.
The quotes are,
" Imagination is everything.
It is the preview of life's coming attactions"
Albert Einstein.
"By changing our course of action
in a moment,sometimes in a very
small way we may redirect an
entire outcome"
See more quote andhow I have used them in my work at

Pink Iris Page

This Pink Iris page contains several quotes as you can see.
"If a journey had no struggle.
If life had no effort.
If work had no pride.
Where would the meaning of it all be?"

Blue Iris Page

This is the 'Blue Iris', page.
The pages are all A4 size,
with the intention to join them all together into a book
ready for Alveva's Exhibition in October.
Our theme for the Exhibition is
'An English Country Garden'.
I have layered materials and made pockets for
keepsakes and memories to be added onto
the pages.
Each one contains quotes, poems and verse.
The backs are decorated too! with additions such as buttons.
I have written longer quotes on them
in my own handwriting.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Iris Photograph

These Iris's have been beautiful every year and I keep dividing
them and moving them round the garden.
These are in the long flower bed which was
completely re-designed this year.
I just love how exotic they look.
I have been making fabric 'Garden' pages and have
made several inspired by the Iris,
in the different colours.
See more of Quilters Cottage Garden in previous blogs.

Bonnets for Norma Bean

At our busy Alveva meeting some more bonnets were given to me
to send to Norma Bean.
They are beautifully made and carry
the embroidered name of a
'Rose' who was transported to Australia.
These are in the post now to Norma with our best wishes.
See previous February 2010 blogs
'Roses from the Heart'
'The Bonnet Display'
'Roses from Tthe Heart Bonnets'
and see all the information about the
exhibiton and history to these bonnets at

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Sue Cranwell's Braclet

As Sue was setting up for the evening she kindly
donated this amazing raffle prize.
One of her hand made embroidered bracelets
in it's own gift box.
At the end of the evening everyone was excited
ready for the raffle draw.
I think everyone was crossing their fingers.
Sue Coombes won and she was absolutely thrilled.
When her husband came to pick her up,
she showed him her new bracelet and introduced
Sue to him, now Pete is a an appreciative husband
and admirer of craftmanship
and immediately thanked Sue for her work.
A lovely evening alround.
If you would like to contact Sue or Fibrefusion go to

Alveva Quilters

We were so lucky last night to have Sue Cranwell as a speaker.
After the business of the evening and a show and tell
where Meg showed us some new fusables,
Liz showed us an Antique Welsh Quilt
and a small one she had finished and hand quilted herself.
Jenny had just managed to sell her buisness.
Linda had rushed in the door because she had just finished a two
day course with Jan Beeney,
Linda then showed us her landscape!
I showed the group my Metal Mystic wallhangings.
Aswell as a Round Robin being swapped,
Two quilts being assembled and a book sale.
WOW! what a mixed group.
Sue talked about her family background in textiles and how she had arrived at where she is now with all the twists and turns in life
and how tragic events spark you off in different directions.
Her work is inspirational and so interesting
to hear the ideas and concepts behind what she had brought to show us.
We had a lovely evening.
See Sue's work and that of the group she belongs to at

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Crazywork Square For This Month

Tonight is Alveva's and I have made my crazywork square for the round robin.
I have liked working with Ann's fabrics and the Autumn colours.
We have one more square to work on before the big reveal.
I am really excited,it has been 8 months
since I saw my block go off in it's box.
See more of my Quilts on my website

Dereham Festival Art Exhibitions

Dereham Festival is on now until the 29th of May.
The Gallery is one of the venues hosting artwork from the area.
This exhibition is all about 'Art in Music'
and exbits the artwork from participating
Breckland schools.
Jenn and I went to the Private View,opened by the Mayor.
Really great to see the artists enjoying their exhbition.
See more of te photographs on facebook,
The giant fish sculptures swimming from the ceiling are
wonderful and the artwork is really expressive.
For more information visit

Gallery Day 18th of May

Carol and Angie really busy working while the new exhibition at The Gallery
was being set up and labelled.
See more of what goes on at The Gallery

Carol Embellishing

Carol has finshed her Quillo, you can just see it onthe table, so decided between quilting projects
she wanted to try embellishing.
Here, Carol is cutting snippets of fabrics for her embellishing 'colour palette.'
She embellished onto some warm and natural wadding.
This was Carol's first experiments with embllishing and she wanted to take the
machine home because she had had so much fun!
See more of embellishing and workshops at

Pat's Embellishing

Pat is really enjoying the embellishing and tried different colours
and techniques,adding machine stitches and direction.
See more embellishing on my website

Pat Enjoying Embellishing

Pat enjoying embellishing.

See more embellishing and workshops

on my website

Life in a Chocolate Box

Gallery day at Dereham today and Pat brought along some of her
treasures she and unearthed the previous week and wanted ideas
on how to use,update or recycle them.
Pat explained she had gone to an art class and the tutor had asked them to express
someone's life in a chocolate box by treasures that represented their life.
Pat wanted to celebrate her aunt's life and had been given and found little 'treasures'
for special years in her Aunt's life.
(double click on image to enlarge)
On the card is the layout selection of the chocolate box exactly like the real one with the
dates and memories.
We talked about each treasure and how this memory art could be treasured even more.
Maybe a wooden jewelry box or display case with
other family treasures and memories in
as a keepsake for the family?
This is what I love about sharing art,
memories and expressions of life.
Thank you Pat for sharing your 'treasures'
and hope this inspires others.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Red Embellished Sketchbook

This is an embellished sketchbook of mine which is for sale at The Gallery Dereham.
See more of The Gallery at

An art Tidy for Carol

I am still making Art Tidies and this one is for Carol who is one of the ladies who
creates artwork on a Tuesday's at The Gallery Dereham.
She ordered it because she is fed up of the thread and snippet
escape all over her sewing room floor!
They definitely work and I have them in the Gallery to use and sell.
see more of my work on

Monday, 17 May 2010

Metal Mystic 'Blue'

This is the complete wallhanging'Metal Mystic,Blue'
I have incorporated handwritten quotes on this piece to share with the viewer
the words of 'Mystics'.
The metal embellishments have been embossed,dyed and stitched.
See more of my work at

Metal Mystic 'Blue' Back

This is the back of the wallhanging called
.'Metal Mystic 'Blue'.
It is 14"by 14"
I have dated and signed it and also
included one of the quotes which I have written on the front.
"In times of change learners inherit the earth,
whilethe learnedfind themselves beautifully
equipped to work in a world
that no longer exists".
Eric Hoffer (1902-1983)
See more of the quotesI have used in my work at

Metal Mystic 'Blue' Planning

This is the planning stage of the second wallhanging from
'The Appothecary's Garden',
called, Metal Mystic, 'Blue'.
It's made with my own dyed fabrics and commercial ones I have adapted.
The metal decorations are pieces of alluminium.
I have embossed stained and stamped them.
See more of my work on my website

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Metal Mystic 1 Copper

So here is one of 'The Metal Mystic' wallhangings finished.
It measures 14'' by 15''.
Inspired by metal and the the work of Appothercary's of ancient times.
I have enjoyed making the wallhangings as and when,
adding to them and sewing bit by bit
like a potions or recipes.
See more ofmy work on my website

Metal Mystic 1 Back

This is the back of 'The Metal Mystic 1 Copper'.
The piece is dated,signed and I have also written a quote,
'Art is healing......The journey is the Inspiration'
I heard it on the radio and had to write it down.
Sadly I don't know who said it.
I have got to put a sleeve on it for hanging
and its done.
See more of my wallhangings on my website

Mystic Metal Wallhanging Planning

As some of you know who follow my blog,
I have been burning and burnishing metal for a while now.
(See previous blog,'burning metal')
This was one of the pieces that has been sat on my work table ready for stitching.
This is often how pieces of work materialise from the studio.
It contains dyed, purchased fabrics and others which I have
printed and adapted.
See other wallhangings on m website


Saturday was spent weeding nearly the entire garden at
Quilters Cottage from the top vegetable garden, down.
Remember we have nearly an acre here and things are growing fast!
We have just got the front to do now!
This is the Japonica (Quince) at the side of the cottage near the front door.
I just love the way nature puts its colours together, with a little help!
See more of what goes on at Quilters Cottage on this blog an

Friday, 14 May 2010

Freespirit 2

This one happened after I nipped into town to go to the market
to get some salad for the weekend.
I just love 'blues' as some of you know and
I do have alot of blue dye mixed.
I just loved using my handmade stamps to print with
and rubbed some texture in with oil bars.
This background fabric is now ready to be sandwhiched and heavily quilted.
See some more of my wallhangings on my website