Thursday, 21 April 2011

Card Making with Bleach Technique

On Wednesday, I went to card making @ The Gallery with Kim.
There was lots of show and tell with the things we had made over the
last two weeks and a look at a box of stampers goodies,
someone had brought on the Internet.
Kim was continuing to teach us different ways of creating
backgrounds on papers.
This week she knew I would be excited because we used
She gave us a demonstration and it was a fantastic, she had put
the bleach into a 'Misty Bottle', so we could spray it
directly onto the rubber stamps and onto our card stock.
Its like a reverse or negative image and then you stamp on top
with colour.
I made lots of different prints and also did some on
fabric as I had used bleach as a 'discharge' before,
(it removes the colour from the fabric).
I will show you what I do with this fabric later.
Thank you Kim, for a lovely morning it was really inspiring.
I carried on at home putting my card together and
adding the bead wiring and embossed element to it.
I have now researched the bleach technique a little more and
here is a video that shows the technique really well.

Gallery Day 20th of April 2011

On Tuesday, it was my daughter' 20th Birthday, I can't believe where
time has gone! She's down in Cornwall with her boyfriend and his family
having a wonderful time. Lots of sun, surf and fish!
Well, it was also Gallery day @ The Gallery Dereham
and as usual there was so much going on as projects
were being finished, like Stella's wall hanging above and new
ones being started like Barbara's English Patchwork
which she can take away in the caravan with her.
you can see more of projects by clicking on the labels below each post.
There are also how to videos in 'The to View', Vodpod box
on the right. You can enlarge the screen by clicking the triangles
in the corner.
Due to the Easter Holidays and The Royal Wedding
The Gallery is going to be shut for two weeks and re- opens
on the 3rd of May 2011.