Friday, 6 May 2011

Origami Firework

Sometimes I like to set myself a challenge!
I have never really been that good at origami but I do
folded patchwork.
While researching folded papers I came across this......
"An Origami Firework",
Well! I just had to have a go.
What seem hours later after putting all the little
units together I finally and I mean finally,
got it to a stage where I could manipulate the flower,
I mean firework and what happened?
it started to fall apart and the more I tried to put
it together the more creases appeared.
All I can say watch the video and enjoy,
if you are going to make it I would try a larger
square to begin with!
I will have another go at this myself again
with a larger starting square and I will show you the results.
Enjoy this weekend project!!!!